A couple of things quickly before I get to the subject at hand:  Boston Bruins, great job last night (6/6/11) showing the Canucks from Vancouver that you’re a bunch of tough guys to be reckoned with.  (preposition)   You not only redeemed yourself in the hearts of all Bruins fan, you stuffed it in their face with 8 goals. Go B’s!!

     The other item:  So Congressman Weener (that is how you spell it right?) how’s that Facebook thing workin’ out for ya?   Was that your Face?    How ’bout your Tweeter Weener….been Tweetin’ lately?   Kinda too bad you’re from New York Weener because I doubt New Yorkers will allow you to survive this….and they shouldn’t.     On the other hand, in nearby Massachusetts, at least two members of Congress, past and present have done far worse things than Weener-the-Tweeter ever  did and still got themselves re-elected.   Go figure!!

     See….now you got me all riled up and I almost forgot the subject at hand.  Which was what?    Oh, I want to tell you more about my recent trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley which I found very enlightening, but I’ll have to do it small doses through future postings on this page.  I will share this however: In addition to my Doctor status (thank you Emerson College) you can now also call me Reverend.   Yes it’s true…..I’m officially Gary LaPierre, O.C. (ordained clergy) and am available as an officiant for Weddings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvah’s, whatever.    You can call me “Rev G”.


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