BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins legend Ray Bourque was on with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich Tuesday morning to talk about the Bruins 8-1 Game 3 win over the Cancucks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“It was so important,” Bourque said. “Being down 2-0 and making it a series and extending this thing and really making everyone believe they have an opportunity to win the Cup was huge.”

“There’s momentum, obviously the Bruins are feeling really good about themselves after last night,” he said. “But you have to bank that and come out, there are no guarantees coming out for the next game. The only way this rolls over is if you come out with the same attitude and desire to win.”

As for Wednesday night’s Game 4, Bourque says the Bruins need to remain physical but play smart.

“They really have to play a clean game,” said Bourque. “In those first two games they turned the puck over a little too often. Vancouver’s speed and transition game is so scary.”

“They need to put pucks in areas where they can battle for,” he continued. “Get it deep where they can play that physical game and get into situations where they can make hits, and really get into scrums and battles for pucks.”

Listen To Ray Bourque On Toucher & Rich

“If you’re not paying attention and taking care of the puck and playing a clean game against Vancouver, it’s going to be really, really tough to beat this team. If they stay in the physical part of the game like they did last night, some of these guys are really skilled but they don’t like the physical part of the game. You have to keep them thinking, always knowing if they have the puck they’re going to get hit. The Bruins did a great job with that last night.”

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Bourque also touched on the hit by Aaron Rome on Nathan Horton, leaving Horton with a severe concussion and out for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals.

“That was a bad hit,” said Bourque. “It was a late hit, it was a hit to the head; the kind of hits they’re trying to eliminate now. The right penalty was called and I hope the right thing is done by the league today. I really expect him to miss, if not a few games, maybe not play in the series again.”

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Bourque said he also had a laugh when the Bruins starting giving the Canucks some of their own medicine, taunting them by sticking fingers in their face in response to Alex Burrows’ non-suspension for biting Patrice Bergeron in Game 1.

“It’s appropriate when it just comes out naturally and it’s not something that is talked about,” he said. “Emotionally you do some things sometimes maybe after the game you look back on and say, ‘OK I might have gone a little to far there.'”

“As a fan, last night watching the game, I had a great laugh,” Bourque said.

98.5 The Sports Hub is the only local station to listen to every game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Coverage begins an hour before each game with the Bruins Pregame show hosted by Dave Goucher & Bob Beers.

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