By Kara Matuszewski, Contributing Writer

BOSTON (CBS) — With so many social media outlets available there’s been much debate about whether users should link their accounts. That way whatever someone writes on Twitter can be seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and whatever else comes along.

Jeff Cutler and Mike Schneider, both social media consultants, agree that before someone does this they should consider that not every message or status update is appropriate for every audience.

Cutler points out that your “deeply personal” network on Facebook probably doesn’t need to hear the same messages you’re sending colleagues on Twitter.

“In my circumstance as a professional writer, I try to evaluate whether a certain status update will have relevance for everyone,” said Cutler. “If so, I selectively share it across different networks. If not, I leave well enough alone and just share that content with a particular group.”

To that end, Schneider adds, “The last thing you want to do is have a person stop following you on one channel because they are getting all of your content on another.”


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