By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) –  New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending lewd photos and texts to several women after a weekend of denials.

He also admitted that he maintained inappropriate relationships with at least six women.

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large, looking at this latest Washington scandal. What does this say about the culture on Capitol Hill?

Watch video:

Weiner says he won’t step down, and that shouldn’t surprise you. After all, for an amoral man in a culture that enables amorality, even a cascade of lies can be rationalized.

A House ethics committee will check to see if Weiner ever used public resources to pursue his sleazy hobby.

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.

Comments (21)
  1. emom says:

    Ok are we even shocked by this, after all it seems to be the norm. 10 , 20 or even 40 years ago these things would have happened however no one but them and a few of their friends would know, AHHH but with people out for monetary value, and willing to tramp themselves all over the tabloids. More and more of these stories have come forward… But is it really hurting this country, has it caused people to suffer from their lack of control. Is it any different than in the American families.. It goes on all the time. But we seem to find it necessary to uncover, tear down, brutalize, or chastise their behavior , what rights do we have to do that if the average American is doing much the same… Heck did many truly care about tiger, It didn’t directly affect anyone, only them… so he had relations with another person.. BIG DEAL. WHO CARES. Oh his family , and maybe his friends,,, really are we truly worried about them.. If the do their job, WHO CARES. If they want to get caught then they have a serious issue with wanting to be noticed… NEEDING to be in the public eye more… Some where alone the way a scandal must be known about… honestly DO WE EVEN CARE… I think its more of a publicity stunt than being embarrassed ….. They all seem to be doing it now….

  2. StanleyRamon says:

    This is the only situation in which I would love to see Donald Trump in politics. “Hey Tony, you’re fired!”. It would save taxpayers lots of money.

  3. BostonIrish says:

    Weiner…Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! This guy is an embarassment!! I hope his wife of one year weighs the future of their marriage carefully. The irony?? It’s all about Weiner!!

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      Earlier this year in his speech at the Washington Press Club dinner, the guy said he’d heard all the weiner jokes.

      The guy was wrong.

  4. tsal says:

    BostonIrish – after all he was just living up to his name!

    Ok, that’s out of my system. I would really love to see us put the same effort into fixing our country that we put into people’s personal lives. emom is very correct that this has been going on for decades. It doesn’t make it right but somehow we managed to move past it without moving our entire focus to “dealing” with it.

  5. Willow says:

    This is not the average American family. This is an elected official who is supported by taxpayer dollars. He does have to answer to us. What the average American family does has nothing to do with running a state or the country. However, my money pays the bills of an elected official and if he is doing anything that brings embarrassment to his position then he should step down. Why has this kind of thing become acceptable behavior in this country? It’s not acceptable to me, and I say he should be replaced.

    1. Stephen Stein says:

      Actually, he doesn’t answer to you, or us, unless you live in NY’s 9th CD. It’s up to those folks to replace him.

      1. Willow says:

        Sorry, I was speaking figuritively as a taxpayer in NY. I think they should be entitled to an official that represents them, and not his own agenda of pleasure.

  6. Willow says:

    By the way, this is not the same as the Tiger Woods incident. I am not paying Wood’s salary.

  7. emom says:

    We may not have beenpaing into Tiger’s salary , but he Is no different than the politicians, taking up valuable air time, wasting time to justify his behavior and wasting our time. Like I said before , this behavior from famous people is nothing new, and it will go on forever..Just look at lawrence’s mayor… talk about a JOKE. he is in the new yet again.. every month it seems. This Guy will fad , until the next guy with his pants down.

  8. Terri says:

    I’m so tired of seeing these guys on power trips doing whatever the heck they want and then apologizing for it only after they’ve been caught, with their loving pathetic family behind them….why don’t they just leave a cardboard family up there and every week when the next one is caught, put their face in for the weekly photo op? cue tears….cue apologies…cue “will not quit”….

  9. ENUFF says:

    Yet another politician who got their “weiner” caught in the wringer. Honestly, are there any monogamous politicians,celebrities,sports figures in the world anymore?

  10. ENUFF says:

    When will people learn not to post lewd/sketchy pictures of themselves. Right there, tells me Weiner is not a smart, savvy politician.

  11. Tsal says:

    Enuff. There were Always politicians who did this. Back to the founding fathers. They just didn’t have media who thought it was the most important topic of the day. My question is can we for once focus on stuff that really matters

  12. The Owl says:

    Sick puppy. And all those people supporting Weiner are sick puppies, too.

    Sick, sick puppies.

  13. emom says:

    You know when I hear his name,,, WEINER,, I half expect to see a particulate type of vehicle and some kid Blowing that darn whistle….and singing that silly song…………OH I WISH I WERE AN OSCAR MAYER …………. You fill in the blank hahahahhahahah… I wonder if he sang this tune a lot…. Just wondering….

  14. Tsal says:

    You mean sick puppies like the ones who support all other politicians who have a problem with morals. Like newt.

  15. mikey says:

    In German, Weiner is pronounced “vhi-ner.” Nevertheless, Wiener Schnitzel for brains here should resign.

  16. emom says:

    Think he has been on the BBQ a bit to long… vhi-ner schnitzel hhmmmm I dont think the germans want him either… darn I am hearing that tune OOOHHHHHHHh ………….

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