Disabled Dog’s Wheelchair Stolen In West Roxbury

WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – A heartless crime has left a disabled dog without his wheelchair.

Dave Feeney told WBZ-TV someone stole the device that helps his 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd “Lucky” get around.

The dog was hit by a car a few years ago and lost the use of his hind legs.

After Lucky had some outside play time out of the chair Sunday morning, Feeney realized it was missing and quickly called police.

“It’s really obvious what it is and that it was in front of the house. Today’s not trash day. Today’s not recycling day,” he said.

“For somebody to do this, they knew what they were doing.”

Police say they’re looking into it.

Feeney told WBZ he has had several offers for donations from around the country.

Handicappedpets.com of Nashua, New Hampshire has arranged to send one of its fully adjustable wheelchairs to Feeney Monday afternoon.

  • Willow

    How low can you go? What could the thiefs possibly do with it? How wonderful that the owner of this dog gave him an opportunity to have more quality years instead of having him put down after the accident. In my opinion, next to murderers, thiefs are the worst.

    • lukuj

      My thoughts exactly!

    • wulfman

      It was a meth head that was going to sell it for the metal.
      Poor dog.

  • laura

    Can the owner set up a site to make donations to get a new chair for the dog?

    • richard

      EXCELLENT IDEA! That definitely needs to happen!

    • britton

      have him contact me. i live in Oregon and my daughter just completed a fund raiser to purchase a wheel chair for a police dog. i was donated several wheel chairs and would like to donate one to this owner

      my name is Britton 541-942-9135

      • Martina

        Brittin i know some one here in Eugene that need a wheelchair bad for there bull dog can you help they can’t aford to buy one at the price of them

  • e

    I’d like to donate also . . .

    • sue

      i would love to donate this poor dog dosent know he cant walk im sure he felt completely normal sososo mean

  • End_BSL

    I would definitely donate. Some people are truly heartless.

  • chickenparm

    I’ll join in too..

  • Chefkro

    What is wrong with people? And if you stole it, what the hell are you planning on doing with it? Not too many people have those for their dogs..Hope they find the person that took it, strap it to him/her for the day and have them “walk” around with it.

    • Alix

      Why, just a day? Make them wear it for the rest of their life!

  • john

    Thats all I can think to say…. So Sad.

  • Scott Adams

    I will be glad to donate. Please advise as to where to do so.

    • Marlo - Fairy DogParents

      I run an organization called Fairy DogParents.org that helps MA dogs stay with their owners and out of the shelter. Did you get a reply from anyone on where or how we can donate? We have a wheelchair that we can give Lucky.

      Marlo Manning
      Fairy DogParents.org

      • David Neal

        He’s getting a new one from DogKarts.com

  • Debbie Wilson

    i will donate too!!! Let us know where.

  • IM

    Who does this? Unbelievable!

    I will donate also.

  • Tom

    Let me know where I can send a donation.

    • Martha Anderson

      I would also like to donate

  • Gina Consentino

    I want to help. Please Please Please give us an address to send money to

  • arlington

    Tell me where to donate and I’ll do so as well. Set up a paypal acct. that should be the easiest.

  • Larz Blackman

    Let’s put a posse together and hang ’em high (after a thorough beating). Failing that, I’d like to donate.

    • Jason

      I am in!

    • c

      I want to fist the thief in the ass with a sandpaper glove!

  • Jason

    How do we help donate?

  • e

    I think WBZ should set up the donation site or paypal account. That way we are sure the money is getting going to the correct place.

    • Marlo - Fairy DogParents

      I run an organization called Fairy DogParents.org that helps MA dogs stay with their owners and out of the shelter. Did you get a reply from anyone on where or how we can donate? We have a wheelchair that we can give Lucky.

      Marlo Manning
      Fairy DogParents.org

  • Arntz

    Watch for it on Craigslist. I’m gonna go way out on a limb and guess that the perp is not juggling recruiting calls from multiple MENSA chapters.

  • http://voiceofmerrill.com/?p=4341 6/06 Links | The Voice of Merrill
  • caltop

    Lucky’s owners were such wonerful people for giving Lucky a second chance on life but it’s just too bad that someone has to be so cruel to take it from him. My husband/I have 2) 4 legged kids @ home & if you’re a dog lover you will know that dogs can bring alot of happiness & love. Whoever took his wheelchair I hope you do the right thing but if not remember karma. Please let me know where I can donate.

  • Jason

    I am with you Joe.

  • David Neal

    Made call to wheelchair mfgr to get the cart replaced. Hope to hear back from the decision maker shortly.

    • Lisa

      David keep up the good work and please let us know on the outcome and if you talk to Lucky’s owner again please have them setup a donation account somewhere if the cart company is not willing to donate a new cart. We need to give this dog its freedome back.

      • Matt


        Great job. I called the CBS affiliate and the police department to let Dave know there are people out here that will help donate to get a new cart. I spoke at length with the police department and they were going to call Dave to pass the information along before the CBS affiliate updated the website. Hopefully the cart company will come through for him, please keep us updated. If not like a lot of people on this board – I’ll donate to help Lucky out.

    • John K

      David, Thanks for looking into this. I too would like to contribute and help out Lucky and his family. Would you please provide us with the contact information for the company? I’d like to see if they would accept contributions directly.

    • END_BSL

      Thank you, David! As a person who works in animal rescue and sees some of the worst sides of the human race, it is refreshing and nice to see someone step up to help.

    • Jason

      NIce work my good man!

      • Vote Team Lucky

        Excellent! Keep us posted!

      • David Neal

        I spoke to Lucky’s owner a few minutes ago… this guy has had a rough few bumps in the road. I’m hoping the replacement of Lucky’s cart will help turn his tide a bit. I’m calling the cart company back now. Hopefully they will have good news.

    • thugs must suffer ultimate penalty

      let us know the costs. let’s start a donation…

      • Sandra Romero

        I would love to donate too.Poor baby !!

  • Weezer

    you are sick..

    • Weezer

      that should have read ‘YOU ARE SICK jOHNNY dANGEROUSLY….

  • Vote Team Lucky

    It doesn’t appear as though the dog is on its way out. Just because a dog is 12 years old doesn’t mean you automatically need to put it down. So people crying animal cruelty need to calm down. And regarding the replacement of the device, keep the faith. I’m sure the “low-life” will return the device as discretely as he/she stole it. I’m on TEAM LUCKY!

    • Vote Team Lucky

      Lucky just informed me, once he’s up and running again, he’s going to take a fresh dump on trailer’s side lawn. Thar’She’Blows Captain!!!

    • Henry

      Animal Cruelty? This human cruelty to animals.

      If you think this POS will bring it back, keep hoping.

      • Henry

        Boy are you clever. LOL


      • Vote Team Lucky

        Henry, fix your grammar then we’ll have a discussion. GO TEAM LUCKY! Keep the faith little cherub!

      • Henry

        I was with you, you moron.

      • Vote Team Lucky

        To quote both my svelte Cougar and the late Michael Jackson, “..JUST BEAT IT.”

  • Tracy

    I will donate…absolutely

  • Greg

    It was prob Menino

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