BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a hairy tradition that continues to grow, literally.

David Baker is a die hard bruins fan who hasn’t shaved his beard since the beginning of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That is because he has partnered up with his favorite team to participate in the Bruins Beard-A-Thon.

“The fans can be like a player be a part of the team in that respect and go out and raise money for the foundation,” said Baker.

The Beard-A-Thon supports one mission: help the Boston Bruins Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer. Former Bruins player Bob Sweeney has also grown a beard to help raise money for the cause.

‘Mine is a little bit grey on the side but I will put up with it. Anything that supports the kids,” said Sweeney, now the director of development of the Boston Bruins Foundation.

Hockey teams have a long standing tradition that if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs, they let their beards grow to keep the winning streak alive.

“I mean some guys may trim it up a little bit or if they are down in the series they may go from beard to goatee,” said Sweeney. “But it’s a great tradition to have and I’m happy to still be growing one for the Bruins.”

Help The Cause: Bruins Beard-A-Thon

The longer the Stanley Cup finals go on the longer the beards will grow and the more money is raised. And although its tough growing a beard this time of season those particpaitng in it say its well worth the cause.

But the real question is, will they keep their new

“No, it’s gone as soon as they win the Stanley Cup. It’s gone the next day. No actually I’ll wear it through the parade.”


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