A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I know, with a name like LaPierre with a French-Canadian heritage, you’d think I’d know a whole lot more about hockey.   I don’t.   I’ve never played the game.  Can’t even skate.  But I know what I’ve seen on the ice during the third period of the last two Bruins games against the Canucks and if that’s the kind of play that will continue, I’d suggest the Bruins take off the skates and pick up the golf clubs.

     The Bruins played well for two periods, but during the third period….both games, the big bad Canucks were swarming all our guys like Swarzenagger on a housekeeper. Heck even my wife, a barely one hundred pound Irish lady who wouldn’t know an icing call from a cross-check said to me, during the third period of both games, “why is all the action down in front of the Bruins goalie and not down the other end?” Lets face it guys, if it wasn’t for Bruins goalie Tim Thomas,  the final scores would have been sixteen to one and not one to nothing…..or three to two.   The B’s have got some great players, some tough guys, some guys like Chara who stands six-foot fourteen in skates and they were getting pushed around in the third period…and out-skated by punks like LaPierre (no relation) among others and you could just see how it was going to end.

     With 18 seconds to go….Painful.   With only 11 seconds into the overtime period….Shameful.   Come on you guys…..how  ’bout a little support for your goalie.  And if these words tick you off, show me something in game three that includes not being pushed around by a bunch of Canucks from Vancouver.


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