A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Gotta tell you about my recent trip to California……..spent a week in San Francisco and Napa Valley and yes kids, California still is…..the land of fruits and nuts (and wine.)    I’ll give you some details in a bit, but first I’ve got to add one more item to my last posting when I was complaining about “gouging in America.”   My last rant had to do with being gouged by hotels, charging whatever the traffic will bear but I also mentioned, car rental agencies do it too and boy did I get a classic example of how vicious sit can be…..”California Style.”

     I had a car all rented (done on-line) which was going to cost me about $240 for four days.  Fair enough.   But when I realized I had rented the car from a downtown San Francisco location and by mistake was returning to the same place, I went back into my account to change the return from downtown…to the airport.   What a mistake!!!!  I don’t want to mention any names, but I usually stay within my “budget” when it comes to car rentals…..but the price for my rental went from approximately $240 to just over $500!!!!     Holy crap!   Same car, same length of time but the price more than doubled.    Why?   Because they can!   No other reason.   “Because they can.”    

     I immediately cancelled the deal and went to their chief competitor and gladly paid $300 for the same car and time period.    Yes….$60 more than my “budgeted” amount, but $200 dollars less than the attempted extortion amount and yes, I do hope the other guys understand, sometimes it just feels good to know that it “hurtz” when the gougers try to put one on your chin.


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