By Paula Ebben

WEST SPRINGFIELD (CBS) — Angel Conde was the first man on the scene on Union Street in West Springfield after a three-story home collapsed during a tornado on Wednesday. He was working across the street at New England Door Closer when the storm hit.

Conde said he had hunkered down in his business, and after the storm passed and he got out trees and power lines were knocked down everywhere. He says he and some people who worked at the business next door knew people were trapped in a house across the street.

“We heard the little girl talking, and we seen [sic] the father asking for help, his daughter was there,” he said. Conde explained a co-worker was trying to find another way in at the same time he was, all the while telling the lone police officer who had arrived that someone was trapped inside.

Paula Ebben talks with Angel Conday

Others crews arrived shortly after and were able to rescue the man inside.

“My first thought was to save lives. I didn’t think about my own life, I thought about helping other ones,” he said.

Donate: The CBS Boston Cares Massachusetts Tornado Relief Fund


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