Felger & Massarotti opened the show announcing that today will be a mental breather. The guys are going to be talking about a little bit of everything today.

The first topic the guys tackled was Daisuke Matsuzaka. Should the fans feel sympathy towards Dice-K? Could things between Dice-K and Red Sox get ugly? What role will Scott Boras play in all this?

After the posting fee that was put up for Dice-K, will we see any team invest that much money into a Japanese player?

Was the World Baseball Classic Dice-K’s downfall?

  1. Mike says:


    Why cant we want the B’s to win and Claude get fired.
    Many of us feel that if the Bs win Claude is not the reason they win. The fact is he has made it more difficult then it needs to be. Does Claude know that you need to score more then the other team to win. The last game the Bs played not to lose. In my mind if the Bs pull this off it will be a credit to the players as they had to beat the other team and overcome the stupidity and stubbornness of Claude!!

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