By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

WILBRAHAM (CBS) — In the town of Wilbraham there are signs of progress.

Tree crews are working round the clock to open up the roads, including Beebe Road, where Ode Boyer lives.

Boyer’s entire yard is covered with trees, but she says it’s a miracle that her home is still standing. So is a Japanese maple tree that she planted nearly 50 years ago.

Her neighbor Chip Keeney says it’s overwhelming. “I have ten years worth of work on my own property. It’s so overwhelming that I will sit back, chill out, and make a rational decision in a few days.”

Another neighbor, Gloria Skinner, says friends have helped her clear out a path to her home. She says she hasn’t thought to ask herself why. “It just happens. Maybe someone is trying to tell us something. To slow down and enjoy life because you know when it’s going to change.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

They still don’t have power, but town officials say they hope to have everyone back online soon.

Boyer says she is grateful. “You’ve got to be thankful to God every day and that you’re here and alive, every day, in peace.”



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