The Boston Bruins lost in the last few seconds of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Vancouver Canucks.

Joe Haggerty spoke with Toucher & Rich about the loss, the performance by the Bruins and can the Bruins take the series?

“I kinda had the Canucks winning this series to begin with. I feel like they’re the better team,” Haggerty said.

The guys discussed how Tim Thomas kept the B’s in the game by standing on his head at points throughout the game. They also talked about the Bruins great penalty kill in this Game 1. If these games stay close doesn’t that put the Bruins right in the position they want to be in?

The guys also discussed Johnny Boychuk being on the ice for the last 7 goals scored against the B’s. Why was he out there at the end of that game?

What does Haggerty think the difference maker will be in this series?

“I really think that the series comes down to whether it’s Ryan Kesler or Patrice Bergeron that has the better series,” he told the morning crew.

And finally does Haggerty think that Alex Burrows will be suspended for biting Patrice Bergeron’s finger during a scrum at the end of the first period?

98.5 The Sports Hub is the only local station to listen to every game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Coverage begins an hour before each game with the Bruins Pregame show hosted by Dave Goucher & Bob Beers.

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  1. Todd says:

    The Bs are resilient. They will be back.

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