MONSON (CBS) — Debris from Wednesday’s tornadoes flew farther than just a couple of neighborhoods.

At least two pieces of debris flew several dozen miles to other towns.

Gov. Deval Patrick said Thursday morning that a checkbook from Monson had flown to Milton. That’s a trip of at least 80 miles.

Carrie Kelley wrote to from her home in Foxboro and said she found a receipt in her pool Thursday morning from a mechanic in Brimfield. It was printed for a customer in Palmer. Those towns are about 60 to 65 miles from Foxboro.

PHOTOS: Pictures From Devastated Areas

As of 3:30 p.m., the National Weather Service has confirmed three tornadoes touched down Wednesday. It is possible that number go up as surveyors are still in the field.

VIDEO: Aerial Tour Of Impacted Areas


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