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Vancouver (CBS) – After watching a terrific Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, you have to think the Bruins missed as good an opportunity as you’ll have to steal a game in Vancouver’s building.

Also, another somber note for the Bruins, courtesy of the NHL: Teams winning Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals have gone on to win the championship in 55 of 71 seasons (77%) since the league introduced the best-of-seven format in 1939.

A tough stat, but these stats have been popping up all over the place this postseason for the Bruins. And, this postseason has been different for this particular Bruins team. They have been able to overcome the odds when in the past, they would falter.

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For instance, the Bruins had never won a playoff series when down 0-2. They dropped the first two games, at home, against Montreal in the first round, only to turn the history books upside down and win the series in seven games.

Bruins Talk Bouncing Back In Game 2

I’ve said all postseason that this Bruins team is different. They have learned from their mistakes, pay no attention to last year, and simply find a way to win the next game. If you’re a Bruins fan, you would expect the B’s to win Game 2. Don’t care if it’s in OT or in the final seconds. Boston just has to find a way to win.

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They get a W and they are even going into Games 3 and 4. They lose and it would seemingly be tougher for them to win the whole thing of they are down 0-2.

Don’t put anything past these guys……..

Comments (3)
  1. Raylene says:

    You can say anything bad about the way the Bruins played last night. Thomas at his best. We will win on Saturday.

  2. Joe says:

    I agree Danny boy………the B’s will bounce back Saturday night and get the split. The Yahoos on the radio that are concerned based on their feeling that the Bruins played about as good as they could and lost are missing the boat. My opinion is that the Bruins gave too much respect to Vancouver and need to have the killer instinct when they are around the net. I’m not discounting the Canuck’s talent level, but if the B’s continue to play disciplined two-way hockey and pick their spots, this goalie can and will be beat.

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