WOBURN (CBS) – A flatbed truck rollover north of the city created a traffic nightmare Tuesday morning.

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The truck crashed on Route 95 south at the ramp merge area from Route 93 south in Woburn just before 7:30 a.m.

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A load of sheet rock spilled across the highway.

woburn Truck Rollover Spills Sheet Rock, Jams Routes 95, 93 In Woburn

This photo was sent from a viewer ‘Bill’ who was right behind the accident.

Only one lane of traffic was getting by the scene for about 90 minutes.

State Police said no one was hurt, but the clean up took more than two hours.

The highway was completely re-opened just before 10 a.m.

The driver has been cited with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and speeding.

Comments (15)
  1. Smed says:

    Whoever designed the on & off ramps for these highways needs a punch in the face! Where else in America do you see people trying to get on a major roadway the same time someone else is trying to get off. Someone please blow up Route 128!

    1. John E Watters says:

      How True

      1. Voice of Reason says:

        it’s impossible to do without expensive flyovers and/or lots of space to do it. it is not ideal but i’m sure the designers hands were tied.

    2. D says:

      I’ve seen cloverleafs elsewhere. However, the severe angles and unnecessary curves they put into Massachusetts ramps are ridiculous.

  2. Bill says:

    The rollover happened right in front of me. Here is a picture I took. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/acme401/IMAG0693.jpg

    1. Phil Liedtka says:


      I am the owner of the trucking company involved. I would appreciate anything you can tell me regarding what actually happened.

      Thank you.

      Phil Liedtka

      1. Bill says:

        Hi Phil, I was attempting to merge on to 128 south from 93 North when it happened. All I saw was a lot of dust then the traffic stopped. My attention was on the traffic in front of me so I didn’t not realize what happened at first. It took me a moment to figure out that I was looking at the bottom of the truck. Sorry, I wish I could have helped you out more. Is this your company? http://www.liedtka.com/ If so I can send an email with my contact info if you need it.

  3. truth seeker says:

    How could it have happened right in front of you there’s a picture of the policeman in the picture?

    1. Bill says:

      Oh the local troll! Nice to meet you. I think I can safely define being 10 cars away as “Right in front of me”. Since traffic tends to stop when an 18 wheeler flips over and blocks all the lanes, the cops had plenty of time to pose for that picture. Satisfied?

      1. truth seeker says:

        I was 20+ cars behind it and there was no police car within view (let alone time for him to walk around the back of the truck) when i got by it. So you’re full of it.

      2. Bill says:

        *sigh* Ok I’ll play. Since you give no indication what lane you were in so I can only guess you were in the middle or far left, the ONLY lanes that were moving, traffic came to a stand still for me because the truck and its load were covering the 93 S off ramp, right 128 S lane, middle and most of the left. I was just under the overpass in the right lane and I just sat there. I would estimate at least 10 mins if not longer, do you know how I know that? I sent a text at 7:19 talking about the traffic. At that time the cop came flying up on the right. I took the picture at exactly 07:24:37 (look at the meta data on the picture if you don’t believe me). So what the hell are you calling BS on? Grow up.

  4. Missy says:

    Thank you Bill! How horrifying!

  5. dwbrisket says:

    Looks like the driver held on a lot longer then most flat bed or tractor trailer trucks. Usually they flip while inside the lower turn and not that far into the merge/strait-a-way. But in most cases it is speed that causes it. Should have heeded the roll over warning sign at the start of the off ramp….

  6. emom says:

    A couple of things, SPEED is always a major problem with trucks. whizzing by like its the INDY 500. Speed limits are to high. the ramps should have speed limits a lot less than most do, Next I would really look at all the straps on the truck.. check for wear and tear, splits, loose buckles, or other kind of malfunction. was the straops tighten down, where they secure. and used properly. DID the load shift, I have heard and seen this happen many times in the past., loads like sheet rock if not tightened down properly will shift causing the truck to tip to one side.. However speed can also cause the truck to shift or the load to sway to the opposite side and causing it to tip. To many trucks have tipped over lately ,, Are drivers always running late, Is loosing an entire load WORTH the hassle. You loose way more money with the clean up and lose of time. SLOW DOWN >>>> YOU WILL SAVE TIME , MONEY AND LIVES. Its not worth to speed to stay on time.. LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT…. Also are these trucks that have been tipping inspected,,,, I see trucks I swear should never be on the road.. brake lights out. blinkers out, bald tires.. an accident waiting to happen/…. SLOW DOWN… YOU WILL GET THERE BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

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