By Terry Eliasen, Executive Producer for WBZ-TV Weather

BOSTON (CBS) – This week on Gardening With Gutner, Todd traveled to Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro, MA, where he met with bee keeper Andrew Reseska.

Andrew is the owner of Reseska Apiaries, located in Holliston. Andrew raises dozens of bee colonies and provides Massachusetts with raw, local honey and hand crafted hive-related products. They also carry a complete line of beekeeping supplies and honey extraction equipment for the local aspiring backyard bee keeper.

Watch video:

Andy tells us that bees are fantastic creatures that have evolved to be crucial elements of nature and our food supply. The lives and functions of bees are extraordinary, giving us appreciative pause. We must not forget that as insects, bees are vital animals. They are not disposable due to number, or unimportant due to size! These attributes make them the powerful force that they are. The crops their bees pollinate are the fruit and produce of our spring, summer, fall, and winter cellar.

There remains concern for a dwindling bee population for a variety of reasons, most notably something called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). So, it is vital that folks like Andrew and his company lead the way in colonizing and appreciating the honeybee.

For more information about how to obtain Andrew’s products or services or on the honeybee itself, check out their website at


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