By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

DOVER, N.H. (CBS) — Michele Bachman spent Memorial Day in New Hampshire focused her message on thanking veterans, and talking about liberty and independence. There was little talk of party politics in her prepared remarks.

But with reporters afterward, she sounded an awful lot like a candidate, calling for an overhaul to health care reform and promoting her record creating jobs. She said, “People want change at the White House; they want to have their country back. They want the country to work and have jobs again.”

Bachmann says she will make an announcement next month. But if she runs, the field could be more crowded than she expected; Sarah Palin’s been grabbing headlines with her bus tour that includes a stop this week in New Hampshire.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

Both women appeal to social conservatives and tea party activists. Both women are referred to as “dynamic” “mavericks.”

In New Hampshire, voters who came to hear Bachmann said they like her message, and feel she is very similar to Palin. Judy Engalichev of Madbury said, “I think they probably have consistent beliefs and I like them both, and I’m curious to see how things develop in the next six months.

Is there one she likes better? “I couldn’t say right now, I think I need to hear more from both of them.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson asked Bachman: “What differentiates you from Sarah Palin?”

She responded, “Well, the candidate that I really compare myself to is Barack Obama, and I come up smelling like a rose compared to Barack Obama.”

Anderson asked, “Would Sarah Palin help or hurt you?

She said, “I love Governor Palin. I consider her a friend. She’s a marvelous woman, and I really wish her well.”

  1. Cinque says:

    So she came back to New Hampshire to talk about liberty & independence, eh” I hope she doesn’t mistake Concord, N.H. for Concord Ma. this time. If she and her “good friend” Palin are the only women out there running as Repulicans, the party is worse shape than I thought. Palin ran for Governor of Alaska on donations from others and then quit after two years for bigger money. She would still be a total unknown if McCain’s campaign hadn’t picked her out of obscurity. Did I mention McCarthyism in a skirt?

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