Hundreds Of Teens Fight At Boston’s Carson Beach

BOSTON (CBS) — About 1,000 teens were at Carson Beach in South Boston Monday evening for what authorities are calling a gang fight.

State police report that at 5:30 p.m. they were called to the beach for about 300 to 400 teens fighting. When they arrived they say there were approximately 1,000 people between 14 and 19 years old, and they were from rival gangs.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

State police called for help from Boston police, Transit police, and UMass police. The crowd was dispersed and trooped made sure the teens went to the train station and left without anymore fighting.

Authorities say this was the third day in a row that troopers were called to the beach, and they say this was the largest gathering of teens in two decades.

Although in a news release state police said only one person was arrested for disorderly conduct, they told WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod a “handful of people” were arrested.

  • Elkhorn

    Black, white, or other? Maybe those dreaded British hooligans.

    • Rich Carney

      Whats wrong with detaining all and not releasing until parnets came and got them at the very least………another apathic police response

  • Jeffrey J Howland

    oh those pesky teens…..

  • Lee Fickenworth

    Wow, and I thought Lawrence was bad.

  • Becky

    It’s so sad to me that there is so many teens that feel the only way to settle an issue is to fight…

    • D Caf

      Even more pathetic is that there probably isn’t even a real “issue” to settle. Just some low self esteem ignoramus’ who feel “disrespected” by something as innocuous as a yawn in their direction.

  • Greg

    Re the input “oh those pesky teens”
    Wasn’t his hood being torn up
    Couldn’t of been his family and friends slipping to new lows.
    Shouldn’t open his flippin mouth with such uncaring comments

  • Stephen Gitmo

    OMG !!! Where they all Obama supporters, anti-war activists, or simply creeps at Carson Beach?

  • greg c.

    As long as they leave the knife’s and gun’s at home I would say maybe these kid are starting too use their brain’s not that I condone 1000’s kid fight on Carson beach on a holiday like today but kid’s will kid’s.

  • Sylvia

    Deport them to Cape Cod. House them at the Kennedy Compound.

    • Cynic

      No, they should send them all to your place of residence.

  • Sarah Nelson

    Lovely way to honor troops that die for your freedom. These kids need a major reality check.

    • Jim

      They don’t need a reality check. They need a draft notice. A couple years of military service would straighten them out.

  • Big bob

    They want to fight send them over to afganastan

  • fenway

    Speaking of reality Sylvia,the Kennedy compound.maybe u have issues

  • Ron Burgandy

    Sounds like a scene from Anchormen.
    Or maybe a flash mob. Pre-requisite: You have to be a loser!

    You stay classy Carson beach-goers

    • Jack O'Hanlon

      One way for the parents to stay classy is to know these fun facts about your teen: 1. Where are you going? (Get proof) 2. With who are you going? (get proof) 3. What are you going to do when you get where you are going? (Get proof). What time are you planning to be home? (Then tell them when they are going to be home.) Add this – “Here’s what’s going to happen to you if you lie and don’t follow what we just discussed.” (Fill in the blanks.)

      And, if you pay for the kid’s cell phone, get a tracker app for your cell phone and you can see where the kid is all the time.

  • emom

    stupid kids,,,, all to be the best at what ever they think they are the best……. OH and the parents might not be such winners either….

  • Standup

    okay the kids maybe stupid don’t any of you put their parents into this situation; that’s just stupid for someone to say

    • dismayed

      I think it’s stupid that you think it’s stupid to blame parents.

      • Willow

        Spanked, there are many ways to discipline a child without beating them up. I was spanked as a child and you know what, I respect others and grew up with manners and a sense of responsibility. I’m still here, so I guess that spanking didn’t kill me. Government should have left parenting to the parents. I don’t believe in beating a child, but a slap on the butt is more of an insult then injury. Have you noticed what kind of society all this lack of discipline has produced? Gang fights at the beach, that’s what.

    • Jim

      Don’t blame the parents?? Who should be blamed? Don’t you know that a child is a reflection of the parents? Ever heard of “a chip off the old block”?

      • Spanked

        Ever heard of a law that states if you spank your child and you go to jail?

    • Jack O'Hanlon

      Right – parents are not responsible for their minor kids. That’s quite the moronic comment. Sit down, Standup.

  • Hundreds Of Teens Fighting At Boston’s Carson Beach | Local Voter News

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  • Tracey F

    I just think it’s awful that innocent families cannot enjoy a day a the beach!
    Something serious needs to be done to protect our neighborhood and our children!

  • Gisellex3

    I’m part of the youth & this is pretty pointless, you older people don’t understand half the things teens have to deal with. You guys always say ” yea I was your age once” well ok but your not part of the youth in 2011. I can say we are pretty wild I have lost to many friends due to gangs. Youth now a days are worried about fitting in so you break up a fight , your a loser. Fighting isn’t right I’ll say that I have stopes fights myself & have been in a couple. I was taught not to fight unless someone puts their hands on me. Some teens don’t have that mentality or are even that mature to stop themselves from doing wrong. I’m an 8th grader entering
    high school next year . Some of these teens live with single mother/fathers. You cant blame the partents & kids are not a reflection of their partents because I am sure not .
    This talk about sending them to fight for our country why is it that everyone thinks us “hood
    kids” needs to be sent over there & that we need a reality check well to me this is reality. All of you probably are rich or have a better lifestyle then us “hood kids”

    Call me stupid? Well then sir give me a better education, more programs & support maybe this wouldn’t be happening .

    Say what you must this my point of view. Nobody will change we’re I stand

    • tsal

      Gisellex3 – I am proud of what you said. I don’t know what you meant by not being a reflection of your parents but I sure hope they are proud. I don’t mind the term “get me” if you have in fact taken advantage of what is offered to you. I am very aware that some inner city schools do not offer what is offered in the surrounding suburbs.

      You are far from stupid and anyone who calls you that has a serious problem and should be ignored. You hold onto your point of view. I agree completely that placing people in the service is no solution at all. Blaming parents is also not the solution. One word of advice if you do not mind would be not to label “rich” any more than you want them to label you. I hope that you meet with success.

    • Willow

      Gisellex3, I was about to commend your comment until I got to your sentence with the words, “give me.” That’s the biggest problem among not only teens today, but adults too. The entitlement that some Americans think they should have. No get’s anything for nothing in this world. You need to stand up and take control of your own life and get out of it what you put in. You sound like a very intelligent, and wise beyond your years young person. Please work hard to change your life and become the person I know you can be. Don’t wait for anyone to help or push you because that may not happen. There is also much pride in a accomplishment well done, and that you did on your own. Good luck to you.

    • l.giangregorio

      try growing up and being an american instead of a hood

    • Cinque

      More programs, better education and more support? You get more than anyone else ever got We’re talking about a thousand kids taking the train to the beach to either watch a fight or participate in one and on Memorial Day no less. Of course kids from all years have done stupid things but whether it was today or 40 years ago, looking for a fight is moronic and from what I hear, most of the fights were between girls! As far as “older people don’t understand what teens have to deal with”, what do you think we had to deal with yoyo?

  • D Caf

    This is not kids being kids, lady. This is thugs being thugs!

  • D Caf


    You already have more publicly funded “everything” available to you than probably every poster on this page had at your age! Throwing more money at the problem doesn’t fix anything esp when people don’t avail themselves of the opportunities and programs already provided. Look at you, with your hand out saying gimmee more when you’re more than likely not utilizing what you already have!

  • Tracy

    It IS the parents. If my child thinks it’s ok to be in a gang / or even hang around one, that’s MY fault. If my child thinks it’s ok to disrupt people at the beach, families, children….then that’s MY fault. Where are the damn parents????

  • Willow

    I think it does indeed begin with parents. Unfortunately, many people who have children don’t know how to be good parents today. We educate our young people to become prosperous members of the work force, but neglect to educate them in the most complex job they will ever have…parenting. I think lack of good parenting has much to do with the lack of respect for rules, people, and accountability in today’s society. So, in a sense, it does trickle down to parenting. Good parenting that is.

  • HC

    I say let them beat each other senseless.. hell, they can kill each other off for all I care.. just the innocents alone… once they off each other, to me, that’s population control.. one less mouth to feed off our tax money.. good riddance

  • Steph S.

    i live directly across the street from carson beach and was wondering what was going on as i came home from my enjoyable weekend. so what these kids were fighting…. i’m glad that they weren’t shooting or stabbing each other. people need to understand that you cannot always blame their parents. you don’t know what goes on in their homes, you don’t even know if all 1000 or so kids have a functioning home to go to. they were the ages between 14-19, they are completely capable of understanding right from wrong. i do not believe that detaining all of them until a parent or guardian was able to pick them up would serve as future deterrance. kids get suspended from school from fighting but that doesn’t stop them. people fight. let’s just be glad this was not a giant teen massacre

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  • tsal

    I don’t agree that it’s the parents – or entirely the parents. These kids were old enough to know right from wrong. Steph S is correct. I came from a two parent household in an upscale community with a mom home and a dad who worked hard but was always there is I did something that needed correcting. As a teen I pushed the limits. It’s natural for kids to establish their own independence. If I’d gotten in trouble, I’d love to hear where someone said my parents did something wrong. I would have been the one who had done something wrong – PERIOD

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