BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is taking the opportunity this Memorial Day Weekend to talk about a bill he’s filed in Congress that would help veterans find jobs.

Sen. Brown said 20 to 25 percent of soldiers returning from their tours of duty come home and can’t find jobs. Brown’s bill, called the “Hire a Hero Act,” would provide tax incentives to give small businesses the opportunity to hire veterans.

“We’ve got to provide tax incentives to small businesses the opportunity to hire those men and women, to give them a break. It will not only help the business, it will help the soldier,'” said Brown.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

He said he expects bipartisan support for the measure.

“Sen. Klobuchar and I have filed it. It’s getting a lot of good response, like we did the Arlington National Cemetery bill. This is something I think we’ll get good bipartisan support,” said Brown.

Former state Secretary of Veterans Services and Medal of Honor recipient Tom Kelly agrees something needs to be done to help returning soldiers find work.

“Jobs are huge. They help people re-integrate back to society. Without a job, they’re going to feel like a fifth wheel. They’re not going to feel apart of the community,” said Kelly.

Brown was also asked about Gov. Deval Patrick’s comment that the junior senator is eminently beatable in next year’s election. He said this weekend is no time to talk politics.

“This is a day to remember our fallen soldiers, but I’m gonna let you know a little secret. I’m gonna have a Democratic opponent in 2012, but 2011 is a time for solving problems and that’s what I’m gonna continue to do and let the chips fall where they may,” said Brown.


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