By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

BOURNE (CBS) – A father’s grief will soon be turned into a patriotic show of color at the National Cemetery in Bourne.

“After we buried my son there, I tried to put a flag on his marker, and I was told it wasn’t allowed,” said Paul Monti.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

His son, Sgt. First Class Jared Monti, died in Afghanistan almost five years ago, in a hail of gunfire, as he was trying to save his own men. Sgt. Monti was later awarded the Medal of Honor.

Click Here: To volunteer or make a donation (.PDF)

But now, Paul Monti has succeeded in changing the no-flag rule at the National Cemetery, at least for the Memorial Day weekend. He, and a handful of volunteers, will be placing 50,000 flags at the cemetery, one on every nameplate.

“Flags represent everything that we hold dear in this country…and they are reminders that a lot of people gave their lives so we can live free,” said Monti.

So Saturday morning, the volunteers will show up in Bourne to start the back-breaking job of placing the small flags in the ground.

The graceful hills of the cemetery will be covered with red, white, and blue, a colorful contrast to the solid green of the grass, which can sometimes obscure the nameplates of the 47,000 people who are buried there.

Comments (11)
  1. Peter Nivling says:

    it is absolutely ok with me!

  2. LP Duncan says:

    How do we volunteer for this

  3. Tom F says:

    unable to click the volunteer link…pleasae help

  4. LBJ says:

    I was told flags will be placed starting at noon on Saturday.
    I will be there.
    Freedom is not free.

  5. Judy DeCourcy says:

    Dear Matt, My God bless you for what you are doing. I am unable to volunteer. Hope the enclosed will help in a small way.

  6. Judy Pollock says:

    So Happy this is finally being done to Honor all the Veterans at the Bourne National Cemetery…Thank you Mr. Monti..

  7. Luci Skwarto Lebedew says:

    what an honor–and a beautiful statement–Thank you for a wonderful plan–would love to consider volunteering in the future–just got the news and i am unable to make this today–my mom and dad were both in the army in WWII–and are buried there–a very peacefull place

  8. Dorothy Donlan says:

    My parents, Warren and Sheila Kelson are buried a few rows from Jared and our family has paused many times at Jared’s grave to honor this fine soldier who gave his life at such a young age. My daughter was there today just when this area was having the flags placed one by one. She and her friend were able to help out and she was deeply touched. My parents always had a flag flying, sometimes more than one. Laura was able to honor her grandparents by placing one on each of their stones. Thank you Mr. Monti.

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