Mark Kerrigan Sent To Jail For 2 Years In Death Of Father

WOBURN (CBS/AP) – The brother of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan will go to jail for two years on an assault charge after being acquitted of manslaughter in his father’s death.

A jury found Mark Kerrigan not guilty of manslaughter Wednesday in the 2010 death of his 70-year-old father, Daniel Kerrigan, but convicted him of assault and battery.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports.

At his sentencing Thursday morning in Woburn Superior Court, prosecutors asked for the maximum of 2 1/2 years in a county jail on the misdemeanor charge.

Defense attorney Janice Bassil asked for a 6-month suspended sentence followed by a year of probation.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Judge S. Jane Haggerty decided to sentence Kerrigan to 2 1/2 years, but ordered him to serve just two. Six months of the sentence will be suspended.

Kerrigan must also attend anger management classes and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He will be eligible for parole after eight months.

Watch raw video of the sentencing:

In a brief statement before sentencing, Mark Kerrigan told the court, “I love my father.  I miss him very much.”

“I’d like the opportunity to return home so I can be there to help my mother.”

Nancy Kerrigan and their mother, Brenda, also made statements during the sentencing hearing.

The Kerrigan family has supported Mark Kerrigan since the incident and never believed he was responsible for his father’s death.

Nancy Kerrigan broke down in tears during her statement Thursday, saying “any sentence for Mark would only serve to extend an unnecessary situation that already seems as if it has been never-ending.”

“Please send him home with us today so he can rejoin our family.”

Watch Nancy Kerrigan’s statement:

Brenda Kerrigan’s sister, Joanne Tarason, read her statement before the judge.

“I never wanted this trial,” Brenda’s statement read, “but the Commonwealth insisted.  Even after the verdict they’re still taking shots at my family.”

Watch Brenda Kerrigan’s statement:

Mark Kerrigan’s attorney said Brenda was unable to read her statement because she was still upset with District Attorney Gerry Leone’s comments after Wednesday’s verdict.

“This verdict speaks to the actions of an angry, belligerent, highly intoxicated 45-year-old who cared more about his selfish desires than his 70-year-old father,” Leone said Wednesday.

“We have been dragged through a very public trial,” Brenda’s statement read. “We have suffered enough.”

“Any sentence for Mark will only cause an un-needed delay for us all.  I need Mark back home with me and I would like that to start today.”

Prosecutor Elizabeth Keeley told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens the sentence was “fair and appropriate.”

“Their efforts to help him and support him have not worked.  He’s a grown man and needs to take responsibility for his actions.  We have always been very empathetic towards the family and understand they have been torn between the loss of their father and clearly the actions that their son has been convicted of.”

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  • taxedout

    This guy is an Accident waiting to happen, yeah go ahead and send him home, and you thought Tonya Harding was a piece of work??? Keep your head down Nancy and your eyes wide open!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Sad story all around. So Very Sad that Dad died. So sad Mark has obvious problems with alcohol, so sad the entire family has been dragged thru the mud in an extremely public forum.

    Time to let everyone get back to the job of living their day to day lives. Prayers go out to the whole Kerrigan family. Yes, Mark too.

  • missalex

    sho cares and why is this news…oh ‘the skater’ headline is what’s important. GO GET SOME REAL NEWS that is not ‘skater’ related. ps I did not read the story.

  • Sam

    Send him home with our family……..lmao. He lived down their basement keeping this dope at bay. Out of sight,, out of mind, till it was time for him to come up from the dungeon and use the telephone that night.

  • Jenny C

    I guess Brenda wants the pblic attention only when it serves her and her family. I still want to know where her other son was during the trial. They need to stop enabling him!!!!!

    • Nancy

      I didn’t know there was another brother to Nancy! Where is he? Not one word about him during this whole mess.

      • Jenny C

        He lives in WAKEFIELD, MA. Maybe the only realistic one of the family.

  • Deb

    Good grief ! I certainly hope that none of you ever make a mistake or find yourselves in a position where the public is JUDGING YOU !!!!

    Leave this family alone !!!
    This has NOTHING to do with Nancy Kerrigan being an ice skater and everything to do with the media, and the people who THINK they know what went on that night, exploiting the Kerrigan family !!!

    It’s time for everyone to leave them alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, time for all you fools who apparently are angels


    • Jenny C

      My mistakes have never led to a person dying! Nor have I ever been arrested for assault.

  • Sully

    It’s too bad they didn’t convist him on the Manslaughter charge, but I take solace in the fact that he did get 2 yearsin jail.

  • sue

    The judge should have really put him away..Here the father is sitting in a chair probably watching tv…and his crazy, drunken, history with the law son abused him, which without a doubt set his medical condition off and killed him….and he gets 2 years??? R U Kidding?? So an abusive drunk who ends up being the cause of his father’s death gets a free pass? Shame on the family!! For supporting a grown man gone awry many years ago?…if it was my son who killed my father or husband…that would be the ultimate betrayal and merciless act, I would have no more trust…and would encourage the judge to send him away and protect the rest of the family and society…

  • Joe

    Of course this has to do with Nancy Kerrigan. How damn stupid are you? The majority of assault and battery cases never make the media. Deb you sound like your typical fart sniffer, always trying to drag religion into where it doesn’t belong. Get out and get some air!

    • Dianne

      You are absolutely right! I think it is a shame that this has been so public. I do agree that Mark’s behavior contributed to his fathers death but this would not have been so public had it been just an ordinary family. I also cannot understand why the family didn’t want some time to be served for the assault.

  • william

    I think it was a stupid sentence. 2 1/2 years plus anger management and AA. How can then send him to the cult of AA who hurt more people than they help.

    He should be sent home join a real recovery program along with anger management. 3 years probation and be randomly tested for alcohol and drugs. If he violates probation be sent away for 2 1/2 years.

    Anyone have a problem about my AA statement google the orange papers online read it with an open mind

  • Scootie

    Way TOO HARSH a sentence – esp for a Misdeameanor!! This idiot judge is a typical REPUBLICAN NUT JOB!!! Waht about all these WALL ST CROOKS who nearly ruined our economy – not one of them has seen the inside of a jail cell thanks to the Republicans. But that is SOOO TYPICAL of Judges like Jane Haggerty – give the Guppies and Minnows HARD TIME – while letting the BARRACUDAS AND SHARKS (tose individuals who actually do pose a “threat” to society)get off SCOT FREE!!!!

    • sue

      Scootie…You are a nut with a misguided sense of justice

    • Dean Warmer

      Scootie, you may want to do a spell check and gramar check on your posts prior to posting them. You come across as an illiterate.

      • Cynthia

        isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Calder14

      This might be the biggest garbage post I have ever seen on the WBZ website.



  • william

    I agree with you Scootie as way to harsh a sentence. How do you feel about the super liberal Barney Frank? He was only at ground zero with fannie and freddie mac.

    Interesting stuff coming out about him reported in the New York times by pulitzer prize winner Gretchen Morgenson. Both parties have some real horrible people in them.

  • sloopjohnb2

    Thank God the Judge saw through this dysfunctional family. Ths guy deserves some serious jail time. Now we know why the brother was not supporting this guy. He knew all along that he was guilty. Shame on Nancy for throwing her father under the bus. He was the one who drove her to early morning skating practices for years. Shame on her.

  • Deb


    Your statement says it all !!! You sound like an ignorant, uneducated, beligerant *** !!!!

    Frankly, I am not surprised

  • Anon

    He has a history…2005/knives/girlfriend/Wilmington..this is not the first time he has exhibited rage. He could have killed someone years ago in Wilm, but luckily didn’t. Because of his past and this case, it shows he is a danger to society, so I’m glad that he is going to jail, even for a little while. Maybe he will find help there, counseling, something.

  • msw

    Hopefully while incarcerated he’ll participate in every alcohol/drug program the jail has to offer. And when he’s released, immerse himself in the only alcohol treatment program that has some measure of success, Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • dwbrisekt

    Do any of you who are defending this 46 year old slob, who lives tucked away in a basement, know why he was brought to trial? The reason for manslaughter, get it! While chocking his father he crushed his larynx. This punk most likely walked off while his father lay dying on the floor. Oh, excuse me…”fell back like a feather” as the mother put it. One of the best defense coaching phrases yet…. I just don’t blame his family for enabling him but the jury for letting him off.
    But hey, your looking at a State where if you beat someone, you’ll get two years, but get caught accepting a $1000.00 bribe, like former Boston city councilor, Chuck Turner, you’ll get three years….. This state is pittyfull!

  • DRE R


    • Cynthia

      DRE R, please go back and check the spelling on your post. You come across as a nitwit.


      DRE R,

  • Ellen

    The Kerrigan family should be thankful that it’s just a little over 2 years instead of 20 years.

  • TuvToo

    Sounds to me like the dude got offf pretty easy!

  • cher

    Finally he GOT what he deserved. the guy is weird and belongs behind bars. The family acted like it was the state bothering them..Stop enabling a looser. Can’t believe at his age living at home with mommy…!!!!!!! Really sick.

  • okayokay

    Strange how family members can’t see the evil in their own. Dirk Greineder’s children never believed that their father slaughtered their mother. Kenneth Seguin’s extended family hired a private investigator to find the ‘real’ killer of that monster’s wife and 2 beautiful and innocent children. By locking up Kerrigan, he won’t be able to vent his rage on anyone else, at least for the short term. Let’s hope he gets the needed help and doesn’t wind up like Amy Bishop.

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  • jaygee

    First of all, Mark will be out in less than a year and that is defintely a fair punishment for the events that transpired that night. Anyone who says that Mr. Kerrigan didn’t have a heart attack due to the altercation is delusional.
    There are many, if not most of us, who were unaware of his past troubles with the law which are many. Everything considered, he got off easy.

  • Lori

    WBZ might want to change the heading of their story. Mark Kerrigan wasn’t sent to jail for two years in the death of his Father. He was sent to jail for assault & Battery on his father. He was found not guilty of the manslaughter charges.

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