BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston-based journalist detained in Libya for six weeks said Wednesday he will go back there someday.

James Foley, who writes for the news agency GlobalPost, was one of four foreign reporters released May 18.

In an interview on ‘The Early Show’ on CBS Wednesday morning, Foley was asked if he’d ever go back to Libya after his ordeal.

“Yes, eventually” he told host Erica Hill. “I think it’s a very important story.”

Watch video:

Foley recounted the day he was captured.  He said they were going out to report what was happening on the front lines when they came under heavy fire from Moammar Gadhafi’s troops and were forced to surrender.

“I jumped up, tried to say we were journalists,” Foley said.

“I was hit several times with the butt of an AK-47, punched and dragged into a vehicle with my hands tied behind my back.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Joe Mathieu reports.

He said the most difficult thing was not being able to tell anybody they were in captivity for 44 days.

Foley said he and his fellow captives “prayed so hard” for their release.

“We just prayed to be able to talk to our parents. Just prayed to talk to my mom to let her know I’m ok. I’m not being tortured, I’m being fed. And that was such a blessing the day we were actually given a phone call.”

“She filled me with so much encouragement,” Foley said of his mother, who lives in Rochester, New Hampshire.

“My family (appeared) on so many TV shows just to try to get the attention of the State Department and diplomats that we were continually held.”

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  1. Samson Ite says:

    Go Back?! Seriously?! So we can risk using more money and power to get you back or you die a “hero” you greedy sob? Learn your lesson and stay home. Your fifteen minutes of fame are over. Lets utilize our resources on something relevant.

    1. Beth Ryan says:

      To Samson above, I think it is quite the opposite. Jim Foley is not greedy, he is brave and selfless. He realizes that the situation in Libya is not just about him and his personal safety. He has seen first-hand how destructive the current regime is and how it is effecting the people of Libya and feels compelled to raise awareness. Without journalists who selflessly risk their lives to convey a message, it is difficult, if not impossible to gain world-wide support to help individuals who are suppressed. Would you have rather he replied “yes I learned my lesson from the Gadaffi Regime and I’m going to stay home..?” Our freedom of speech is not a right all countries have, it a right that deserves the utmost protection. This is demonstrated by you ability Samson, to comment on this article. Jim and the other journalists who were in Libya and risked their lives to protect that right, please do not discount it or the situation in Libya as “something not relevant”.

      1. RB says:

        …So Beth, lets look at it this way… Mind you I respect your opinion and input on my comment which was probably less thought out since it was a trigger finger response- You think this guy deserves another “get out of jail (probably not pleasant quarters) free card” for a mission he already failed at being his fault or not? Isn’t it kind of rubbing it in our face by going on national TV telling viewers he’ll probably go back given many people worked hard already to get those fools out? I understand courage and bravery and even the need to prove yourself personally and career-wise but lets leave crossfire to the professionals and use our resources for them not some unknown one man show journalist. At least CBS, NBC, 123, LMNOP have teams and security to capture the story with reduced risk. Now had this or guy the other three been executed like others, should we have turned up the heat on the battle and risk deploying more troops, (now keep in mind of the repercussions of sending troops- Departure from families, possible injuries, PTSD, and worse) because this guy wanted to be “that guy”? I’d say that’s pretty selfish to me. Why wouldn’t they think he was a spy? what would our gov’t do had the tables been turned? I don’t know, maybe I’m the crazy one for being a bit cautious on the whole… I don’t day trade other people’s money for the thrill of the possibility of a big win in my career and I certainly don’t want to be “that guy” personally should things go south.

  2. Seo says:

    thank you god news

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