EAST BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police have made an arrest in a fire and murder in East Boston.

Jaime Flores, a Salvadoran national, was living in a basement apartment of a home on Saratoga Street. He died in a fire there Monday morning. His hands had been tied.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

Police arrested his nephew, 17-year-old Marco Tulio Flores of East Boston, Tuesday morning and charged him with homicide.

Commissioner Ed Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that Flores turned himself in to police and confessed.

“We’re still in the process of putting the evidence together.  This is very early in the investigation.  In a case like this when there’s a homicide within a family, there’s usually a lot going on,” Davis said.

Flores was ordered held without bail at his arraignment on Tuesday. He will return to court June 28.

Comments (15)
  1. Ellen says:

    Talk about family values!

    1. Achy says:

      Most these comments are out of order.. Don’t try to bring race or citizenship into a homicide. Every where there’s murder and most murders involving family or friends are crimes of passion [side note; a term that was coined by a rich christian European aka white guy that caught his wife cheating on him here in the united states and got away with murder. So please have compassion for the family members that have to deal with this.

  2. lori says:

    Ed Davis knows ALL about family values… even going so far as to support his slumlord cousin in his old stomping grounds in Lowell. Must be nice having the BOH in your back pocket.

  3. Cinque says:

    Illegal apartments with mostly illegal immigrants living in dangerous conditions.
    How has this problem gotten so out of control with absolutely nothing being done?

  4. disgusted says:

    I’m sorry someone lost their life. Unfortunately, things like this will continue. Illegal apartments, illegal aliens, and family members rising up against another family member. Look at the two babies that were just thrown away in the trash over the last two days. It makes me sick.

  5. kigkoo says:

    Wow sounds like this kid has some serious issues.


  6. ML says:

    Please let not be ignorant just because they are hispanic does not means that they are illegal and how many white american kill their own kids
    ?? .It is not about the race is about mental sickness.

  7. Delmix33 says:

    i really dont like the commnts first of all Jaime Galdamez is my cusin & MArcos nd him were just best friends & we are salvador but not iiligal so gets your facts right

  8. Bob says:

    Sounds like ms13 to me

  9. Diana says:

    You are all so stereotypical. Find something better to do with your lives. & “Sounds like ms13”? actually it doesn’t at all.. I don’t see how a family issue sounds like a random act of gang violence so you are clearly just ignorant.

  10. princess4eva says:

    It funny to see how all the negative comments come from ignorant people that unfortunately think that they are better than others just because they might have more opportunities in this life because they were born here. crime / homicides are committed everywhere and all races are involved not just Latinos. For all of those with the negative comments why don’t you keep them to yourself and show that your parents actually taught you some manners “that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. and respect others pain they have enough to deal with already ….. and stop hating

  11. Jesh says:

    I wish everything will be ok markitos!!!!! God bless u.

  12. Jenny says:

    Ojala y todo se aclare¡!

  13. Egleston High School says:

    I went to school with Marco. he seemed like a cool kid. we had advisory together. he always talked about being in the navy and he loved RedBull. there has to be a very strong reason for this. there had to be something going on between them that no one else knew about. i mean you can’t do this to your bestfriend for no reason.
    Free Marco !

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