BOSTON (CBS) – State Police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck a  State Trooper and left him with serious injuries Tuesday morning.

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car2 State Trooper Hurt In Hit And Run In Boston

State police are looking for this car saying it is the one that hit a state trooper Tuesday morning. (credit: Massachusetts State Police)

Trooper Joseph Drane was standing on the road looking for speeders on the ramp from Frontage Road to the Massachusetts Turnpike when he was hit just after 9 a.m.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

“The Trooper was outside his cruiser, on the ramp to Route 90 Eastbound coming from Route 93 Northbound, prior to the entrance to the Ted Williams Tunnel.  He was signaling a vehicle to stop and that vehicle struck him and then fled the scene,” police said in a statement.

Trooper Drane was awake and talking when he was taken to Boston Medical Center.

“He’s conscious, he’s got a broken leg, he’s got some head injuries and some facial injuries and he’s got an injury to his arm,” State Police Colonel Marian McGovern told reporters Thursday afternoon.

“We’re hoping for the best.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

The ramp is in a tunnel and there are several video surveillance cameras mounted in the area.

Police are now searching that video to find the driver.

Investigators are looking for a dark colored, mid-size sedan with right front quarter-panel damage.  They are also trying to track down two other vehicles that may have been cut off by the sedan – a white van and a silver or white Toyota Camry.

car1 State Trooper Hurt In Hit And Run In Boston

State police are looking for this car saying it is the one that hit a state trooper Tuesday morning. (credit: Massachusetts State Police)

Anyone with information is asked to call State Police at (508) 820-2121.

Trooper Drane is a 24-year veteran of the force.  He’s 55 years old and has a wife and two children.  He’s also a veteran.

“It’s more than frustrating.  We keep saying, what more can we do?” McGovern said, noting that several troopers have been hit on the job in recent years.

“We meet with our legislators, we meet with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, we meet with the people in the court system to work collectively as a team so that we’re all working for one common goal, and it keeps happening.”

Comments (40)
  1. Ed Hall says:

    According to the radio report, this officer was checking speed while standing IN THE ROADWAY!

    1. Frank says:

      It wouldn’t keep happening if police were not standing in the roadway. If I were standing, for any reason, in the same position as that officer was when he got hit, and that officer observed me there, he would make me leave because it is unsafe. I certainly DO NOT advocate hitting a police officer with a motor vehicle. And the person who did this should be punished. But lets apply the common sense advice (most) of out mothers gave us. “Don’t stand in the street or you’ll get hit by a car”. In retrospect, I can’t imagine that trooper thinks getting hit by a car was worth the traffic ticket he sought to issue.

      I have, on more than one occasion, observed troopers, in unmarked vehicles, in the breakdown lane of routes 93 and 128 with the drivers door open into oncoming traffic. Why?? So they could lean out of the car to use thei LIDAR to clock motorists. And if the moron’s who employ this tactic get hit by a motorist, than I am sure someone is going to jail even though the trooper is acting recklessly. What is my measure of reckless? If you or I were doing the same thing (minus the LIDAR) and a trooper observed it, we’;d be told to stop because it is RECKLESS behavior.

      It is sort of like having a law against driving and texting … and then putting laptops in cruisers. With all of the distractions an officer faces while driving down the roadway (monitoring traffic, radio chatter, ect) they should be the LAST people using a laptop hurtling down the road at 75 MPH in the passing lane.

      Just because you pin a badge on does not make an officer immune to the same things that the rest of us face. Don’t stand in the roadway and you won’t get hit by a car. If it is not safe for me than it is not safe for anyone with a badge either. And it is not worth nabbing we criminals who are speeding.

    2. Barny says:

      Really, what a dufus standing in the roadway! Sounds typical for a LEO. Always thinking they are almighty and above everyone else.Ooo i’ll stand where i damn well please!

    3. Daniel Huddleston says:


  2. Mark says:

    Ummmm, I read an article a week or so ago that it’s illegal to use your cell phone to video tape the actions of Police Officers without their consent. Isn’t this a two way street? (Just asking…not necessarily agreeing with the law though)

    I hope the PO recovers whether or not he was standing in the roadway, as reported.

  3. Brett says:

    Still doesn’t excuse someone from hitting him AND THEN DRIVING AWAY.

  4. msw says:

    These troopers need to be more careful when they’re standing in the roadway using radar to catch speeders. Last week I had one jump right in front of me on Memorial Drive to signal the driver in the lane on my left to pull over. I had to slam on the brakes to not hit him even though I was going the speed limit. Is getting killed or injured worth the temporary high these guys get over issuing a ticket worth it??

  5. Buddy says:

    Seems to me “Standing in the Roadway to Cath Speeder” was not a very good place to be. Is this guy an idiot or does he just think he’s invincible. Apparently not the latter of the two. Maybe he should go back to the academy and learn how to properly catch speeders rather than stand in the road like an idiot.

    You know the old saying? Stupid is as stupid does. Well this gives true meaning to the expression.

    1. M says:

      Buddy, what do you do for al living..Whatever it is you musyt be an expert

      1. Cynic says:

        The Job has to be done…the State need the revenue but with so many Troopers being hit it would seem to me that they might begin to think that there might be a better way. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen them step out into fast moving traffic and defy anyone to hit them.As Buddy says “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”.

  6. macmum says:

    These troopers are doing their job to keep idiot speeders from killing you while they rush to their nail appointments and local liquor store! Please! Stop dissing this trooper for doing his job to protect YOU. The driver is totally at fault for a – not having complete control of his/her vehicle and being able to stop it and b – for hitting the officer and taking off like a coward while the guy was lying in the street! Stop blaming the victim! Seriously!

    1. Buddy says:

      Well I am not dissing the trooper for nothing less than the stupidity of standing in the roadway. That initself is absurd. Like I said he may need proper training on how to safely pull over a speeder to keep me safe.

      Think about it? If he was doing his job safely and knowingly watching out for these types of drivers the entire event was preventable on his part.

    2. Cynic says:

      macmum….Is he there to protect people or raise revenue for thr State so that the State can keep the Paid details coming his way? Quid Pro Quo….!

      1. macmum says:

        Well since I’m no a cynic, I believe he was doing his job and following his training. Maybe he problem lies there, NOT with the individual that by the way is still a victim of a hit and run coward.

  7. KigKoo says:

    Whoops, dude should have been paying closer attention to his surroundings!

  8. Equally Ours says:

    So sorry for the officer, hope he recovers ok- the person that hit him should have stopped No questions asked – they did not – so charge them with hit and run, fleeing the seen of accident that caused bodily injury, endangering the lives and safety of the public, and throw in attempted murder by means of a motor vehicle!
    What i’d like to know is whey are the police allowed to be above the Law, they need and should be setting an example to the rest of us citizens, how and or were can we report them ( a police officer) when they are doing something dangerous and also breaking the same laws we have to live by?
    Many times over the past 35 + years I’ve been driving, I have followed Mass State Troopers doing 80 + or more driving on Rt’s 90, 93, 128, and Rt 495 with out any emergency lights or siren on? they well come driving up behind you, ride your bumper un-till you can move over to let them pass, then they continue on speeding along doing the same to the other drivers on the road, many times I’ve followed after them for many miles as they did this, on one occasion I followed one on RT 495 south from Chelmsford as far Milford Ma were I needed to take my exit, he just continued on his way speeding along down 495 at 80 and some times more, I know your going to say why was I driving that fast, normally don’t, but Hey why cant someone with 35 plus years of safe driving & racing experience who knows when and what is safe speed for the highway traffic and road conditions! I don’t care if the police are doing 200 miles per hour, as long as they do it safe. But they have to be doing it while on an emergency call and when so doing that the minimum is they should at least have there Blues on!!!

    1. Sam Skwirl says:


  9. sean says:

    I hope the idiot that hit him turns himself in before they go and find him because I doubt they’ll be too nice to him if they have to drag him out of somewhere.

    1. Sam Skwirl says:

      too bad they did not pop for hi res cameras or they could have caught them by no. obviously they can not read the tag on the car because the pics are worthless.

      1. ron says:

        caught them by no? Look who can’t spell Idiot!

  10. brian says:

    another hypocrite mass state trooper writing people tickets for going a few miles over the speed limit.

    meanwhile,when he leaves his speed trap post he most likely will jump on the pike or i-93 get in the far left hand lane and gun it up to 90 mph while tailgating in the process.

    i guess its ok for these idiot troopers to speed and tailgate but when you do it you get a ticket. frauds!

  11. RevereKId says:

    20 Billion dollar big dig tunnel and all they only have a 19.99$ dollar camera from 1989 with a half of megapixel ??? with that clear view they sure to get alot of leads.

    1. Sam Skwirl says:

      i know right… LMFAO // Prob wont even catch them because of that bad equipment.

  12. Justin says:

    For the thousandth time, speed laws have NOTHING to do with safety. It is a means of tax collection and nothing more. Equally dangerous would have been if the driver swerved to miss the police officer and smashed into another vehicle. I hope the officer recovers and that they prosecute the perpetrator, but let’s use our heads when we’re standing on the Pike folks…

  13. collin says:

    hey mr. infalable think first you guys treat people like your god and we are alwAys trying to get one over on you

  14. Simp says:

    I Have been stopped by a Trooper in MA, by the Trooperstanding in the middle of the road. It scared the hell out of me as see this guy jump into a highway lane . I would have stopped just used his car. I have friends who are cops in NY and I was firefighter and never saw this done until then. I dont understand why they need to do this. It has too much of a risk.

    The guy who hit this trooper needs come forth. I hope the trooper gets better soon

  15. ManOnFire says:

    Whether or not the trooper was right or wrong by standing in the road (if he even was, I know I wasn’t there so I cannot justify where he was standing), someone hit him and did not STOP! Those cameras in the tunnels I’m sure will be enhanced and a plate will be discovered, that person will be found and justice will be sought. Everyone is in such a rush these days. Take the time to slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. I see too many people that are on their cell phones, talking, texting, shaving, reading the paper, putting make up on, come on people! If you wanna do that then take a bus! We have one of the best of the best when it comes to Troopers in this State.

    1. Sam Skwirl says:

      Doubt they c an enhance the images… Real life is NOT like CSI you dolt.

      1. ron says:


    2. koala girl says:

      Please do not encourage people to perform their personal hygiene on the bus, or the subway. There is little that absolutely disgusts me, but the people who comb/style their hair, paint their nails, put on makeup, floss their teeth, shave, clip fingernails, etc. while riding public transportation rank right near the top of the list of things that do! Why is it so hard to get up 15 minutes earlier and take care of those things at home, in the privacy of your bathroom, rather than in my face?

      I realize this is off topic, but I had to seize the opportunity to get this off my chest. Thank you for listening.

      On topic, my best wishes to the Trooper for a speedy (no pun intended) recovery.

  16. Shirley says:

    shame on every person who slams this police officer for doing his job. Do you say the same thing for firefighters that run into flaming buildings? No. Why? Because they save your life or property. But everyone dislike the police because they usually only deal with you when you do something illegal.

  17. David says:

    Why would this supposed intelligent cop stand on a busy highway trying to catch speeders, I am quite sure he could have chose a safer location like standing around trying to catch, rapist, robbers or drug dealers but i guess speeders are more dangerous. Get well soon.

  18. Sed says:

    There is a lot of ignorance here caused by some poor reporting and uneducated opinion, so it needs to be cleared up. The trooper was not standing “in the roadway” as defined by in the traffic lane. The trooper was standing in the breakdown lane routinely used for maintenance by broken down vehicles. Anyone who drives the tunnel sees these white marked areas and prudently does not drive into them even when no one is standing there. Claiming the officer is at fault for standing in one of these is like claiming you are at fault when a car hits you in your front yard – cars have no business in your front yard

    Second, the talk of speeding with flashing blue lights misses the point that police cars are not required to show them. Most departments do indeed have rules that say you must show your blue lights when moving outside normal traffic patterns. The police officer can choose, and be within the law (because speed limits do not apply to service vehicles) to not use the lights when using them will cause problems – for example many traffic situations the blue lights cause more harm than good when people panic and start to block the road, and sometimes the blue lights will alert actively violent criminals of the approach of police causing them to take hostages (common in violent domestic situations). The trick is, a police officer is expected to avoid other traffic, and if they hit you (not you hit them) then they are automatically at fault and may be liable as well.

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      What about when they tailgate you and force you to speed up and then pull you over? Doesn’t seem fair does it?

  19. Charles Hammill says:

    Another dumb cop strategy, stand in the road to catch speeders and expect to not get hit. Get real, that cop is lucky to be alive and I have no sorrow for him at all.

  20. Ed Hall says:

    We all feel that the driver should have stopped. But if stopping would cause him to go to jail (maybe he has an outstanding warrant) then his failure to stop becomes understandable (though still repugnant.)

  21. Sam Skwirl says:

    OMG, thanks for the laugh. That Trooper is an IDIOT! Sounds like you morons up in Mass need to put some speed cameras in the problem areas if your that hard up for the revenue. Speed cameras work better and are less expensive than trying to piece your stupid Troopers together after they get run the F over. The person that hit them was probably on their cell phone and only noticed a slight bump. Personally…I hope they don’t find the driver – just so you will be forced to use common sense when you pull motorist over. In MD after a few Idiot Troopers got run the F over, they stopped the absolutely moronic step out procedures. Guess it got too expensive to replace actual people just to issue $90 – $500 tickets. If you don’t like what I said… I have no apologies, go pound sand.

  22. Concerned Citizen says:

    Obviously there is an issue with safety when multiple state troopers have been hit over the past few years. I think standing on the side of a busy highway and pointing at people to pull over is an unsafe way to dish out traffic tickets.

    Especially since often times, its difficult to be slowing down and pulling over in 4-5 lanes of traffic going highway speeds. It’s foolish.

    I feel bad for this officer and his family, but the MA State Troopers seriously need to take a closer look at a safer way to enforce traffic laws. Safer for us, and safer for them.

  23. Alice says:

    I have seen eager cops in the road before. They need to leave room for vehicles to drive. The officer should be written up for obstructing traffic.

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