BOSTON (AP) – The Massachusetts housing market continued to struggle in April with sales and median prices both down from the same month last year, although the numbers were up when compared to March.

The Warren Group, a Boston-based publisher of real estate data, on Tuesday reported a 28 percent drop in sales of single family homes compared to April 2010 with a 4 percent drop in median sales price.

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors said there was a 20 percent drop in sales year over year, and a more than 8 percent decrease in the median price.

The organizations use slightly different numbers in their calculations.

Home sales were up from March as is typical in the spring market.

Both organizations reported an increase in the median price of condominiums year over year.

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Comments (5)
  1. dismayed says:

    At this rate, before long your car will be worth more then your house.

  2. mags says:

    don’t worry…soon we will get the property tax relief that deval promised us…

  3. Denise says:

    Ya my house is worth less but my taxes are more this year than last! What’s up w/ that!!! We hit on this subject some time ago – that once upon a time your house was your nest egg … Not anymore – to may cracks and crooks stealing it right from underneath you! w/o jobs – nobody has the $$ to keep or buy anything. The only ones I see that can afford anything are the ones going thru the check out lines w/ their welfare coupons, dressed to the nines and getting in their Lexus, Mercedes and Beemers when they go to leave! Something is wrong and I doubt it will be fixed in my lifetime!

    1. "Fed" up yer butt says:

      well said!

    2. oust DEVIL Patrick says:

      Denise you r the cats meow I would say run for senate but you are obviously not nearly crooked enough for that. Its time for a revolution OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW!!!!!

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