BOSTON (AP) — Boston is becoming a friendlier city for drivers of electric cars.

The city on Monday is scheduled to unveil three electric car charging stations near City Hall Plaza.

For the regular $1.25-an-hour price of feeding the parking meter at three designated spots on Cambridge Street, drivers will be able to power up the gas-free vehicles for no additional cost.

The goal is two-fold — to make the city a better place for people who drive the environmentally friendly vehicles and to get a sense of how the charging stations are used.

Veneet Gupta, the director of policy and planning for the Boston Transportation Department, tells The Boston Globe the goal is to make the program citywide.

The charging stations look a bit like parking meters, with 11-foot power cords attached.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ken says:

    If electric cars were viable, we wouldn’t have to bribe people to buy them. And they aren’t cheap, so this is welfare for the well to do.

    1. Brian Faucher says:

      how viable are gas engines going to be when gas costs $20/gallon? and the reason electric cars aren’t cheap yet is because nobody is willing to buy them because there ARE NO CHARGING STATIONS! Once more cities like Boston install charging stations, more people will realize there is a cleaner alternative to gas, and buy electric, the price will come down, and everyone will be happy…except for the people still using gas engines.

  2. sean says:

    No charge for the electricity? They going to install free gas stations for those of us who don’t have electric cars?

  3. emom says:

    Your joking arent you….. really these cars are small, expensive and not to mention You cant go far on a single charge….. Besides, are there any other charging stations in this state…. Wait they get a free charge,, whats the $1.25 charge and hour for.. How much does it cost for a gas powered car….. I havent drove to boston to use a parking meter in decades, So not sure how much they are, But Why not have these in a parking garage, I am not seeing these will catch on or be used much…… time will tell

    1. professor says:

      Emom, please take a course in basic English.

  4. emom says:

    WOW, judgemental

  5. Mark says:

    For all of the “green” folks out there how is electricity produced in MA. Coal baby coal. Fossil fuels. Need more electricity you need to burn more coal. Replacing one (gas) with another (coal) makes sense to me!

  6. iPAL says:

    Wow. Lots of ignorant people.

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