AVON (AP) – A 7-year-old Avon boy out riding his bicycle was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a Holbrook police cruiser.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

Police say the boy was struck at about 6 p.m. on Sunday by a police cruiser going at a slow speed.

The incident happened near the town line where Holbrook cruisers often turn around.

The boy, identified as Anthony Charette, was taken to Boston Medical Center with injuries that are not considered life threatening.

The name of the officer driving the cruiser was not immediately released.

The Norfolk district attorney’s office is investigating.

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Comments (16)
  1. emom says:

    HHHMMM,, lets view the onboard video… to see just what happened…. I think its important

  2. Steve says:

    I’m not trying to be a police basher, but I was nearly struck by a police cruiser while crossing in a crosswalk with a walk sign in downtown Boston. He turned right on red without stopping and I had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. I went down and ended up tearing my rotator cuff, he never even stoped. Unfortunitely the two people I was with were more concerned with how I was and didn’t get his plate. I think sometimes police make mistakes just like anyone else, I don’t hate the cop for what happened to me, but I do hate how some police officers act like they are alway right because they wear a badge. I think sometimes police have to keep in mind that people make mistakes sometimes just like they do and not alway be such hard@sses.

  3. lyn says:

    Steve,you should have reported it even without the plate.. Record keeping would have allowed for the Officer’s whereabouts.. You will have lifetime problems with that shoulder and you alone will be the payee for your medical cost.. Pending on how long it has been and if you went to the Emergency room right after,you still may get help with this..
    Been there

  4. Airpilot says:

    How about this time we don’t whitewash this incident – let’s hear the real facts, and let heads roll as required, even if it’s a cop?

  5. emom says:

    lets see the onboard video,,,,,,,,that will tell the story…. Thank god the kid is ok BUT,, I have My reservations on who was at fault… I have seen many kids and adults on bikes, and they drive in the road instead of the side, and if they are on the side they suddenly dart out in front of you as if you can anticipate what they will do …. I had 4 boys on bikes dart out from the side of the road,,, Thank god I had little trust in their behavior and slowed down… They all darted in front of me.. 3 of them said sorry one flipped me off, yeah rude as hell and not caring about causing trouble…………..LETS SEE THE VIDEO.. THAT’S THE PROOF WE NEED.

  6. Steve says:

    @ Lyn, looking back now I probably should have. It was over a year ago and luckily I have very good insurance who paid for all my medical expenses. Unfortunitely I do still have problems with my shoulder as far as not having the range of motion I once had.

  7. cynic says:

    dumb sob shouldnt of been in the road. Children should play in their yards not the streets.. streets are for cars not kids

    1. Juan-Juan says:

      Hey cynic… You are an idiot!!!

  8. Steve says:

    @ Cynic… how do you ride a bike in your yard? Do you have concrete instead of grass? Technically bikes aren’t supposed to ride on a sidewalk, they’re supposed to be IN the road sharing the road with cars.

  9. Steve says:

    Not to mention…. what kind of a jack@ss calls a 7 year old kid a dumb sob…?

    1. Cynthia says:

      His name speaks volumes……..”cynic”………..

      1. Cynic says:

        I hope no-one mistakes me for that OTHER Cynic…….Dumba**

  10. emom says:

    @steve, I agree , they are to be riden in the street,, HOWEVER key word SHARE the road,, Not saying this kid didnt , But In the summer time we will see tons of kids on the road riding, doing tricks, YES THEY DO, weaving all over the road and not watching for the cars,,, OR paying attention to the road rules.. I feel in this case we should see the video to prove what happen.. Many drives see kids in the road , most do obey the rules, BUT there are many that dont. And no parent can tell for sure if their child is following the rules of the road. Not unless you follow them all day… Also side country and rural roads are narrow enough, cars are unable to pass normally , we have ot stop wait and then go to the other side of the road to get around the kids, Going around one is not bad , BUT more than one riding side by side , That is problems, Its single file at the side of the road, THAT is the rules.

    @cynic, lets wait and see the video before we call either a dumb sob…. the kid could be not at fault.. we cant tell.

  11. Juan-Juan says:

    Somehow, I feel that the cop will be found not at fault and probably, this poor kid will end up with an OUI and permanent mark on his driving record (yes, sarcasm).
    I am glad to hear that the kid is all right and I would like to see the on-board video and hear the cop’s explanation on how he hit the kid at a “slow” speed.
    Check the cop’s cell phone records to see if he was talking or texting around the time of the incident… I see more police officers talking on cell phones while behind the wheel these days and like everyone else, distracted instead of paying attention.

  12. emom says:

    I am so glad someone else see’s this,,, so manytime we say Cops dont follow their own rules and we get called COPS BASHERS.. I do hope that onboard video is brought forward. Then we can make a judgement.

  13. Cynic says:

    This is Holbrook….. The kid should consider himself lucky that the Cop didn’t take him down to the Police Garage and beat him up.

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