BOSTON (CBS) – Mexico’s only tall ship is now docked in Boston. It arrived at the Seaport World Trade Center Sunday morning, and will be open for public tours today through Thursday.

The national anthem of Mexico played as the 220-foot Cuauhtemoc pulled into port, dressed in flags. Sailors climbed the 110-foot rigging and fanned out across the yard arms in an impressive show of honor.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

“We demonstrate respect for the city, for the port,” said ship captain Juan Carlos Salas.

The 1,800-ton ship was named after the last Aztec emperor and is a sail training vessel for the Mexican navy, according to the captain.

“We have 246 on board and we’re working in a group together. It’s very important to us: team work,” said Salas.

The captain and his crew have a long list of places to visit while they’re in Boston.

“Libraries, museums, and universities, and we’d like to do shopping too,” said Salas.

The Cuauhtemoc is on an 18-port Good Will Tour. It just came from Panama and Cuba. From Boston, the ship will set sail across the Atlantic Ocean on its way to Spain.

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