BOSTON (CBS) – Some say it’s the end of the world. Dan Rea says hogwash in today’s Weekend Commentary. Originally broadcast May 21st, 2011.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I will be shocked if any of these nutbags will be available to take any phone calls on your show Monday night.

    If they are available, I am sure they will say it’s still coming and just make up another date.

    These are sick people who need some form of fanaticism in their lives and it is a shame that so much money is wasted that could go towards feeding the poor.

  2. Anne-Marie Skalin says:

    HLS school team member, 2004 wants info on bob L. who left in the same
    condition as my family…and good news? An old picture will tell us he’s all right
    Can you help?

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