BOSTON (CBS) – A massive terror drill is planned for Saturday in the Boston area, the first 24-hour training exercise in the nation.

600 first responders will be tested in “Urban Shield” in Boston and surrounding towns, like Everett, Quincy and Brookline.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

There will be a simulated rogue sniper at a hotel, several bomb scares, and the seizure of a critical control area by “would be” terrorists.

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud reports

The simulation is being paid for by the Department of Homeland Security with a $1 million grant.

It’s designed to test communities’ real-time and real-life responses to potential terrorist attacks.

“We’re going to have a simulated attack on this area and the first responders are going to have to understand what their duties are and perform those duties,” Mayor Tom Menino told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday.

“If you see activities around town, it’s only a practice, it’s only making sure we have a safe city. Don’t assume anything. Don’t let rumors sweep you up. We want to make sure we’re all set to deal with it properly, if it does come to our city.”

The drill will start at 8 a.m. Saturday and end at 8 a.m. Sunday.

Urban Shield Sites:

SWAT Site 1
Boston Marriott Copley Place
110 Huntington Avenue, Boston

SWAT Site 2 (EMS Integrated)
Pine Manor College, Ashby Campus Center
400 Heath Street, Chestnut Hill, MA

SWAT Site 3
Tobin Elementary School
197 Vassal Lane, Cambridge, MA

SWAT Site 4
Distrigas (Closed Site)
18 Rover Street, Everett, MA

SWAT Site 5
Winthrop Ferry
713 Shirley Street , Winthrop, MA

USAR Sites 1-3 (EMS Integrated)
Fore River Shipyard (Closed Site after 5:00 p.m. Sat.)
115 E. Howard Street, Quincy, MA

Bomb Squad/K-9 Site 1
Amtrak Maintenance Facility
2 Frontage Road, Boston, MA

Bomb Squad/K-9 Site 2 (EMS Integrated)
Quincy High School
52-54 Coddington St., Quincy, MA

Bomb Squad/K-9 Site 3
Everett Produce Center
183 Beacham Street (off Riley Way), Everett, MA

Consolidated Site (All Teams)
Boston Marine Industrial Park
3 Dolphin Way, Boston, MA 02116

Comments (28)
  1. Sarah Wells says:

    The American police state has come to Boston, with the Mayor’s blessing, of course.

    1. Kasser says:

      Ahh Sarah
      Why don’t we do this. When you have looked up the definition of Police State, then feel free to come back to this debate.

      Better yet, take a trip to Syria and then tell us about how a real police state works.

      Until then, stop the crying.

      The police will be doing drills that can keep you safe.

      Once the law of of the land is abandoned and the police is the government, then we can talk police state

      1. Dave Seaman says:

        Give sarah a break. Her only crime is the same as yours and mine: a failure to have even READ the Constitution. (well, okay. Not mine) We damned near became a Police state in 2000 when our supreme court voted 5-4 to break the constitution by forcing the state of florida to STOP COUNTING VOTES in the Us Pressidential Election. Everyone in the NRA sat doing nothing (this is exactly why the secommd ammendment was written) and even al Gore, deciding to be a genteleman, bowed out where he owed it to us, as a public servant to UPHOILD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.
        subsequently we now HAVE to have a homeland Security and the fact that the city of Boston is preparing for terrorism is a comfort to me because I’ve been alive for fifty years and the one piece of consistency I see is terror fromn Ho Chi Min City., and Saigon throiugh the Tylenol Killer and onward to James Brady and Nine-Elven (ruby Ridge, Waco Texas, okalhoma City…) The story goes on.

  2. eddwal50 says:

    well sarah thats one hell of a streach turning a terrorist drill into a police state why don’t you just cry new world order

  3. Me says:

    Oh sarah….defintiely, pull your head out of your rear. Just not too bright, are ya?

  4. jk says:

    Well have you not been reading the billboards? The world is ending tomorrow anyway.

    1. dave seaman says:

      Ha ha ha ha! I love it! Someone with my sense of humor! I am entirely in raptiure over your comment! (heh heh, get it? )

  5. emom says:

    YOUR KIDDING RIGHT….. what police state,,,,, REALLY……… no the head is not up the but , its more like has been flushed. I for one am glad they are doing this… we need to be reassured that they Know what they are doing , Not saying they dont, Just that they can handle what is given them… Since we get reports of potential terrosit attacks , which we never know when one will happen.. these drills, are very important to our world. If didnt ,,, welll the end of the world WOULD BE REAL……… WAKE UP AND GET A GRIP WILL YEAH… police state wow

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am with Sarah.

  7. PRIVATE law abiding bostonian says:

    will there be “random” checks on the populace? will this be an excuse to set up roadblocks and search the citizenry? oh wait… that already goes on… the police state is already here.

    1. dave Seaman says:

      I must repeat myself. WE ALL WILLINGLY GAVE UP THESE RIGHTS. in the election of 2000 our Supreme Court voted 5-4 to force the State of Florida to STOP COUNTING VOTES. This is specifically written into the Constitution. This is why the elections are held in November when the transfer of power does not occur until Janbuary: to allow for the time to count votes. All of those American complainers and NRA members with their right to bear arms (for the formation of a militia to retain control of a governement of the people, by the people, for the people) sat and did nothing. Vincent Bugliosis researched and wrote a book about it. Still, nothing. So thus we got what we allowed. Yes, there are a lot of freedoms that we have given up, But unless we stand up and scream then all we’re doing is whining. I have seen ample evidence that the Department of Homeland Security has done an amazing job- just based on the multitude of thwarted terrorist attempts.that have been selectively reported- just enough to let the AMerican Public know it’s working but not enough to let our enimies know what we’re up to. And let’s face it, deserving or not- America has a LOT of enemies.
      I have seen no evidence that the American populace has done a damned thing to ensure it’s rights.

  8. Me1 says:

    oh jeepers would you liberals just wake up ….this country is constantly under attack we need to be prepared. Most of the world hates us when are you all going to get it????

    1. Cynic says:

      Me1… WHY does most of the world hate us?

  9. emom says:

    I say anyone that feels their liberal rights have been infringed, violated, compromised, hampered, taken away from them,,, look to the ones that CAUSED THE PROBLEM….. The enemy, the terrorist, the thieves, swindlers, crooks, and those that have caused the problems we endure every day… If 9/11 never happened, it would be life as usual… there would be far less fear, after 9/11 what where we to do,,, just look the other way , allow more to come here and destroy what we have, taken us by surprise more and more, WHAT ,,,,,,I hate what has happened to us, I hate we live with this shroud over us of potential harm, I hate that I cant do what I would like, I hate worrying about the next threat, I hate not knowing what our kids will be faced with in the future. So what should we do ,, NOTHING , SMILE AND JUST EXCEPT THEM WITH OPEN ARMS AND TURN OUR BACKS , AND BELIEVE ALL IS WELL… REALLY NOT A CHANCE IN HELL… Thank you to those doing these drills, thank you to those that are protecting the people in this country. THANK YOU TO OUR ARMED SERVICE MEN AND WOMAN……….THANK YOU

  10. Cynic says:

    What is the point?..All that Terrorist Balogna is just Politics.

  11. Cynic says:

    Joe…. What the Government and media tells us is happening in the world? Do you know for sure?….How many lies do you have to catch them in before you catch on?
    I remember in the first grade asking the teacher why the Japanese are all bad and we are so good. It didn’t make sense to me.
    It’s all POLITICS.

  12. Cynic says:

    Government needs an ENEMY to control the Populace…..Since the Soviet Union has failed we have been hunting for one……The best we could come up with is a Bogeyman.

  13. beaches says:

    Has anyone heard of scare tactics? It just gives the government more control. Who’s paying for this, PLEASE! Police and firemen should know how to handle an emergency.

  14. Carol Mclaughlin says:

    Why?…. For the simple fact that we bail everyone out, we assist terrorists, we feed and clothe everyone but our own…we just plain look like MORONS!!!! GET IT?

  15. Carol Mclaughlin says:

    You freakin liberals are ridiculous you will be the death of america and all we have worked for

  16. Carol Mclaughlin says:

    I chose to use my name I am no wus

  17. Mark Golden says:

    I am a LIBERAL, a PROGRESSIVE. I am also someone who joined his first Fire Dept., well, let’s ju8st say it was a long time ago. (1968). I applaud the powers that be for this exercise. The more experience Emergency personal gets, the better they will react when it is no longer a practice event. However, I do think thta someone could have picked a better date. After all, the major earthquakes that are supposed to take place around 6pm on the 21st. Of course I have not heard if that will be 6pm Eastern Time, or Pacific. I can hear the Doom sayers now. “{See we told you so”! Of course after the drill, there will be nothing but silence from these people.

  18. Brian S says:

    Everyone meet Joe.

    Joe believes EVERYTHING his government tells him. Even that it’s OK for TSA agents to snap naked pictures of you, to feel you up in the airport and to feel up 6-month old babies because of so-called “terrorist threat”. Good thing because I’m sure there are a LOT of babies toting guns these days, protection, can never have too much of it. Hey, last time I checked, Israel doesn’t do any of this, and they live between countries who want to destroy them, with bombs going off in busses… yet they have no air “terrorism” because they just OBSERVE people, but then they don’t have many “Joe’s” there either.

    Joe also believes that Osama Bin Laden was alive and well for the past decade, even though people close to him, and top global intelligence sources, said he was dead from massive kidney failure. Because hey, anyone could live in a cave without electricity for years while needing dialysis 4 times a week, which requires complex machinery and ELECTRICITY. Yeah, my network of caves in Afghanistan are fully equipped for that. We have REALLY long extension cords, thank God for that chain of Cave Depot’s they opened in Afghanistan & Pakistan.

    Joe also believes that his superman Underoos make him a legitimate superhero, at least that’s what his mom tells him when she comes down to his room in the basement to say bye to him before she leaves for the day.

    Enjoy walking through life without an ounce of critical thinking ability, Joe!

    Everyone sacrifice their rights over lies! The good, ol’ fashioned “Joe” way!

    No wonder America has such a failing educational system, the least productive workers and we couldn’t keep a Republic alive for more than 100 years… JOE!


    1. Joe says:

      Joe knows one thing, Brian the smart aleck. I watched two planes crash into the twin towers in New York city, one plane crash into the Pentagon and another plane crash into a field in Pennsylvania, the latter only because of some courageous people decided to fight back, rather than pretend nothing bad was going to happen. You see Brian, I’ve served four years in the military and have been in law enforcement for 22 years and counting. I don’t need the government to tell me what is happening, I see it on a daily basis and when people call for help Brian, I respond rather than pretend nothing is happening. I would rather see the city of Boston have a well prepared emergency response to whatever crisis confronts it, than PRETEND that we live in a world of peace and harmony. I truly wish Brian, that we lived in such a world. I have three beautiful children and a loving wife and I don’t know how I would recover if anything ever happend to them. That being said Brian, no such world exists. No such world has ever existed. If you think the Israeli doesn’t train and conduct exercises similar to what is being done today in Boston, then as with Sara, you too should take your head out of your behind! Loser!

  19. Ron says:

    Ask the Japanese if they wished they were better prepared

  20. Sarah Shribman-Adelman says:

    Well so much for being prepared. I guess we need to ask the terrorists to send us a Western Union Singing Telegram, so we are ready.

  21. KEVIN says:


  22. Ellen says:

    You know if the Mayor played his cards right he could charge people to come and see the terror drill. Get a couple of Red Sox or bruins players there, and the city of Boston could make a mitt of money off this.

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