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Keller @ Large: End Of The World Saturday?

BOSTON (CBS) – Just when you thought you could look forward to a nice relaxing weekend after a long, rainy week, you hear that some nut bag in Oakland, California with a radio ministry is claiming that his own unique brand of biblical math has the world set to end Saturday night at around six o’clock.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Actually, he claims that’s Rapture time, when the chosen will be lifted up to heaven and the seven billion or so of us left behind will experience five months of natural catastrophes until the planet is wiped out, right in the middle of the baseball playoffs.

(I don’t buy it, and I expect you don’t either, but all kidding aside, if you do, please do not liquidate all your savings as some have reportedly done, just in case you need to resume normal life on Sunday.)

Anyway, I will admit that this most recent apocalyptic sham did get me thinking about what I’d do if the world really were about to come to an end Saturday night.

First thing I’d do is go out for a big barbecue dinner to think over my next move. No need to skip the baby backs and potato salad – I am officially off my diet.

If you think about it, there are quite a few things you wouldn’t have to worry about if we all had less than 36 hours to live.

No need to water the lawn, not that it needed it this weekend anyway.

I was going to trim my front hedge tomorrow, but now, I don’t think so.

The dog still needs walking, but that’s not a chore, that’s a pleasure. In fact, Buddy can pretty much pick what she wants for dinner when we get back.

I don’t think I’ll be counting down the hours watching everyone else do so on TV.

The end of the world means no more news, and one night a year is more than enough to watch a big crowd of people waiting for the ball to drop.

Instead, I’ll gather family and friends around and swap some stories about the good old days, have a few laughs, maybe get up a rowdy game of bocce.

There will be Italian food handy, and cold beverages of various types.

What else is there?

Bring on the end – but please make it wait until after the Bruins game.

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