Women’s Watch profiles Rock Off Main Street founder Diane Young:

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  1. Tanya Coleman says:

    TCAN is an extraordinary venue. Thank you, Diane Young, for all you do to promote young bands. We are so grateful!

  2. rtdimom says:

    No one is a bigger supporter of teen music than Diane Young!!! Her guidance and leadership has kept Rock Off Main Street consistently providing all ages shows for years. But more important, she really loves providing a place where the teen ‘business’ thrives. Kids are remarkable innovative and professional about their band, merch and performance. It’s a great show in a great venue. Check it out!!! You won’t be disappointed

  3. Capo Up Two says:

    In a time when arts programs are the first to fall victim to the educational budget ax, The Center for Art in Natick (TCAN) deserves kudos for continuing to support this program and the tireless efforts of Diane Young and the volunteers that have made it the success that it is.

    That success goes beyond the music. Some of the young musicians that chased their dreams at Rock Off Main (ROM) have gone on to a professional careers in music. But at the core for all the kids who have participated over the years, ROM provides a foundation toward community involvement, volunteerism and self pride.

    The headlines are full of stories about young people caught up in tragedies and violence. The Rock Off Main program provides an alternative to that reality for any kid with a dream, a guitar, a microphone or a drum kit.

  4. karen rapport says:


    The kids are so lucky to have a place to go to play their music. Its nice to see they recognize all the work you have done and continue to do..YOU rock!!!

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