Taxi Cab Skids Off Storrow Drive, Crashes Into Muddy River

BOSTON (CBS) – A taxi cab slid off Storrow Drive and into a shallow pond along the Muddy River on Wednesday morning.

The driver told WBZ News Radio 1030’s Jim Smith that he was exiting Kenmore Square when he was forced off the road by another taxi cab.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports

tracks Taxi Cab Skids Off Storrow Drive, Crashes Into Muddy River

The taxi left these skid marks before crashing (photo courtesy: Boston Fire Dept.)

The taxi cab went across some grass and partially into the river. A tow truck later removed the taxi, the Boston Fire Department said.

The driver managed to get out of the cab after the crash, and no injuries were reported, according to Boston Police.

The Massachusetts State Police said the cab, a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, is owned by the Hazira Cab Company of Brookline.

Police are investigating the incident.

  • FugFuu

    I am guessing the dude was busy texting!

  • emom

    Here we go again,,,, WHAT IS GOING ON ,,, we have seen what about 6 – 8 different kinds of crashes of vehicles into buildings, BUSES< CARS, TRUCKS, now a cabbie… what next dare I ask.. whats the reason this time,,, I hit the brake is sure getting old, I thought I hit the brake, another getting old, someone ran in front of them, YEAH SURE THEY DID, or will it be I SNEEZED, coiughed, burbed, or takling to the passanger… Or will we hear that the cab all of a sudden lurked forward,,,,,,,, what does it have a mind of its own…can it do tricks,, does it have a virus that made it do things,,, WHAT …… what is so wrong with drives these days….

  • real4real

    i hate judgemental people.. get the facts!!!!

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