SPRINGFIELD (AP) – A new report by state prison officials says staff misconduct and mistakes led to the escape of an inmate who was later charged with killing a man, wounding two police officers and injuring another person in Springfield.

The Masssachusetts Department of Correction released a report Wednesday saying an officer at the state prison in Shirley faces possible termination and a supervisor faces possible discipline in connection with last month’s escape of Tamik Kirkland. Officials say Kirkland made a dummy out of clothing to make it look like he was in bed and left through a window fire escape.

Authorities say that a contraband cell phone Kirkland used to escape was given to him by a Correction Department vendor who allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with Kirkland. The vendor faces possible criminal prosecution.

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Comments (2)
  1. David Francis says:

    Possible termination? How about giving the guy a Moron For Life badge and making sure he never holds any job other than one that requires asking if you’d like your order super-sized.

  2. Denise says:

    Nah… he’ll be suspended w/ pay and then allowed to “retire” w/ all his bennies!!! It’s Massachusetts – we like to complain about things but never vote and/or pick the right people to change things!!!

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