BOSTON (CBS) – When rookie Tyler Seguin split two Tampa Bay defenders seconds into the second period and scored on a breakaway it was one of those special moments. Almost took your breath away.

A moment 17,565 Bruins fans will never forget inside the Garden. It was pure speed. A different gear.

It was watching Ellsbury steal home, Moss break free on a Brady deep ball, and Rondo outrun everyone else to the hoop.

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And, then Seguin took over the rest of the second period. Another goal and two assists. The Garden roof was about to blow.

Tyler Seguin Game 2 Postgame

I’ve been watching the Bruins since I was pretty much born. Looked forward to watching Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday games on TV38 With my Dad. Played street hockey pretending to be Orr, Esposito, Bucyk, Hodge, Cashman, Sanderson, etc… Have seen Bourque, Neely, O’Reilly, Pederson, Savard, Lucic, and many, many more perform in a Bruins uniform.

I have only seen that kind of speed once. Robert Gordon Orr.

Now, I’m not saying that Tyler Seguin is the next Bobby Orr. I’m afraid to even put the two in the same sentence. It’s just that Seguin’s speed reminded me of what it was like watching Bobby Orr skate. He was on a different level than everybody else.

And that’s what I saw Tuesday night.

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What does this all mean? Today it means that the Bruins are in much better shape in their Eastern Conference Final series with the Lightning heading into Game Three Thursday. Beyond that? Who knows.

A coming out party?

It certainly has you thinking of what it could be like watching this kid and the Bruins play for the next few years. Has you dreaming of 100- point seasons, playoffs, and more. Makes you think of Sidney Crosby and other superstars.

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But that is for tomorrow. Today I’m just smiling and remembering one of the greatest nights for the Bruins and their fans at the Garden.

Every game of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Bruins and Lightning can be heard on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s with pregame coverage beginning 60 minutes before each game with the Dunkin Donuts Bruins Pregame show.

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