SUDBURY (CBS) – Lincoln-Sudbury High School was temporarily placed into lockdown Monday afternoon after a teacher found two shell casings in the school.

School officials, in letter to parents, said the casings, which were from bullets that had been used some time in the past, belonged to a .22 caliber gun. They said the casings were likely brought into school and dropped onto floor, but they closed the school to ensure no gun was brought into the building.

Students were asked to remain in the school while officials inspected backpacks. At about 3:35 p.m. students were released to go directly to the buses or allowed to go home without going to their lockers.

After the students were dismissed, officials searched all of the lockers in the school. They did not find any weapons or more ammunition. It is unknown how long the casings were in the classroom before they were discovered.

Superintendent and Principal Scott Carpenter asked parents to talk with students about the situation.

“Be it a small knife on a keychain or today’s shell casings, we take these things seriously. We have to,” said Carpenter in the letter.

Sudbury Police officers are investigating.

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  1. Jim says:

    Tough call – is this some kids idea of a prank, knowing that people flip out now when confronted with spent brass? This is non-reloadable spent ammunition, so it’s as dangerous as the cardboard box it came in.

    Also, what makes them think it came from a handgun? I guess it makes it sound more dangerous than a rifle or umbrella.

  2. dbl says:

    This school had a murder roughly four years ago. I commend the school for acting quickly so as to avert anything that could be averted.

  3. cjl says:

    Spent brass (especially a rim-fire .22 cal case) is not the same as a live round. It is no more harmful than a token for the T. This is an over-the-top reaction by the school.

    1. dbl says:

      I would still say it insinuates that perhaps someone had access to a firearm. Years ago I would likely not have given it much thought; but with all the strange goings-on nowadays it is best to be careful.

      If the school had done nothing, many parents would be complaining.

  4. Bill Nance says:

    OMG EMPTY PIECES OF BRASS! It’s the end of the world! Close the school, evacuate the kiddies, those inert pieces of brass are going to have a killing spree and everyone will DIE!!

    EMPTY shell casings you idiots. From a .22, you know, the gun that every boy scout in the country learns to shoot with. Probably some kid had them in his pocket from the weekend.

    This is why my kid will never set foot in a public school. How can anyone as stupid as these administrators possibly have anything of value to teach?

  5. Matt says:

    DBL- this school had a murder 4 years ago because no one is using their heads over there or anywhere else for that matter. There were signs there but no one could act on them because ‘policy’ wouldn’t allow them to. This is where political correctness gets us. Tied and gagged in the corner while the world falls apart around us. The lockdown is nothing but CYA for administrators. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard. It’s not like some kid had a deadly umbrella. We have been taken over by complete morons. Comfortable people with no drive and few active neurons content to live off the rest of us. Time to take it all back. Shame shame on all of you.

  6. Matt says:

    ‘dbl – I would still say it insinuates that perhaps someone had access to a firearm.’

    You are exactly the problem. Because you have been so brainwashed that you can actually make a statement like this with a strait face. SO WHAT? Because someone had access to a firearm? Are you kidding me? Oh nooo, not a firearm, those are icky. People like you throw every ounce of common sense out the window and completely overreact to a situation because you are ignorant.
    I can’t believe these are the people teaching our kids. Completely reactionary, no logic, thought or reason was used anywhere here.

  7. MA_resident says:

    An unnecessary over-reaction that will accomplish nothing other than to scare the kids. A spent .22 case on the ground is less dangerous than a thumbtack. Just a likely to get stuck in your shoe, tho.

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