BOSTON (CBS) – Senator Scott Brown was the speaker at the Lasell College commencement over the weekend, and he made some news by taking a swipe at Beacon Hill.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

The senator said the alleged corruption being testified to in the DiMasi trial right now is enabled by a “’go along to get along’ attitude that deeply saturates the one-party control of government in this state.”

Tell us something we didn’t know already.

And as bad as one-party rule is proving to be, I can’t say it’d be any better with Republicans in charge either. Weren’t those Republican governors presiding over the Big Dig fiasco?

But to me, those comments were a sidebar to other parts of Senator Brown’s address, which included some interesting life advice to the newly-minted graduates.

For instance, Brown said: “There’s a lot to be said for being an underdog, and I’d prefer that any day of the week to being overrated.”

That’s an interesting choice of words there.

I wonder if Brown is finding the big names in Washington to be every bit as impressive as the big names on Beacon Hill.

But while Brown is right to want to be perceived as an underdog fighting the good fight after what the overdogs have done to our country in recent years, it might be hard to sell the notion of a U.S. senator with close to ten million bucks in the bank as David fighting off Goliath.

In his speech, Brown also repeated an old saying: that “when you win, you hear from everybody … and when you lose, you hear from your friends.”

His conclusion: “When life is going your way, always remember who would be there for you if it weren’t.”

That may be a good life lesson, but if Senator Brown only responds to the friends who will always be with him, he’ll wind up representing only narrow self-interests, the same sort of thing that got Sal DiMasi in trouble.

We’ll be watching to see if Brown remembers his own advice about going along to get along, and reminds all the underdogs out here next year why they liked him so much last year.

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Comments (16)
  1. gil mendozza zuntzes says:

    hum… hum… Loneliness of the Loser… Sleazy Highness “Senator Brown” will be doom; He should go back to the ARMY forces and be Deploy to Afghanistan.

  2. mikey says:

    All politicians, to some extent, “go along to get along” otherwise where they end up is a very lonely place. The pickup truck and barncoat? Showtime.

  3. Graywolf says:

    Mikey good point. Brown loves the camera and can posture as well as the best. I have learned he also does his homework behind the scenes without the fanfare I admire that. I do not think I can vote for anyone who wants to put more money into the pockets of the wealthy at an expense to the rest of us but I see more positives in Brown than most who forget their own words

    1. mikey says:

      I plan on voting for Sen. Brown in 2012. He’s a substantive politician with some “sizzle.” Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of entertainment every now and then?

      1. graywolf says:

        I have trouble voting for someone who votes against unemployment extensions because it will add to the deficit and then adds to the deficit by voting for tax cuts for those who have had an annual income gain of 14.2% in the past several years while the bottom 90% have had a 0.8% average income gain.

      2. mikey says:

        Brown voted to extend full Federal funding of unemployment compensation from Nov.30, 2010 to Jan.3, 2012. I’d call that extending benefits for the unemployed.

  4. BostonIrish says:

    Guys, I’m a bit confused with the tone of the column. Jon, for the most of what’s transpired, Brown has talked the talk and walked the walk. Tossing in a DiMasi reference as a potential downfall for Brown just seems out of place. Also, Brown’s been the topic of 4 of your last dozen or so columns. What’s the message? What gives? I get it that you’re magnifying him, but what’s the underlying motivation?

    1. Jon Keller says:

      I apologize for being unclear. Brown told the students to shun being “overrated” and to value loyalty. Good advice, I say. But I also want to see him stay humble and avoid overvaluing loyalty. That’s all.

  5. Graywolf says:

    I had the same thoughts. I wasn’t clear on the topic and I’m pretty much Browned out. I was waiting to see if I was the only one unsure

  6. andyme says:

    Graywolf, Browned out so soon? Wow, were you Kennendy’d out?

  7. graywolf says:

    Jon thanks for the explanation which makes it a bit more clear. I’m not sure Brown has ever been humble. He seems to like the spotlight a bit too much. To make certain I do not offend any on the right,

    As I have said, however, I know of two instances where Brown has met behind the scenes with senior management to discuss how new regulations are affecting them. I do not know of any instances where he has met with the average person who drives a pickup truck and wears a barn coat and would love to hear about them.

    andyme, I was referring as BostonIrish did to the recent discussions on this blog. The need by some to counter every remark made about a conservative with the mention of a liberal name is amusing, however, and increasingly predictable.

  8. BostonIrish says:

    Jon, thank you for your response. It remains to be seen how Brown adapts and changes as his time in office grows. From what I’ve seen thus far, I hope he remains the senator after the upcoming election.

  9. dismayed says:

    It’s like every politician. Once they get into office they forget about the people who put them there and it’s all about what can I do to keep my seat and grease the hands of those who really matter.

  10. andyme says:

    Graywolf, you need to look in the mirror!

  11. graywolf says:

    dismayed sadly you are correct. I was heard a suggestion recently that all campaign donations be put into a “blind” trust. It’s a simple solution to what is becoming an increasing problem.

    andyme – perhaps you should read before commenting since I’ve mentioned both things I do not like about Brown AND things I do like on this blog.

  12. The Owl says:

    I am surprised that the discussion has turned to Brown’s character an future when the substance of his comment — MA government being corrupt — is ignored.

    ANYONE whp points to the illegal aspects of our state government is welcome to take the shot.

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