Felger & Massarotti opened the show discussing the Boston Bruins 5-2 Game 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday night.

Even though it’s only one game, and there is no need to worry yet, how important is it to have Patrice Bergeron back on the ice? What can be taken away from Saturday’s loss?

Did the Lightning show us anything Saturday night? Should the Bruins be worried about the Lightning?

Can the Bruins get their offense back on the right track?

  1. jeff s says:

    What scares me is if they don`t wake up in the offensive zone. By this and mike you can attest since you were a goalie. When i coached i taught the triangle. The bruins work it wrong. What is the distance between the triangle on the bruins play. Answer 1-2-set. (goalie is in place) Length = Time to distance. If the triangle were in close to the crease you have 1/2 that time as a goalie to set and in most cases can not move side to side in that short distance quick release = goals Key is to have man in slot to screen ,tip,rebound. none at this time. If they don`t get it there out!

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