WORCESTER (CBS) – The driver of a car that slammed into a Worcester home killing an elderly woman inside will be charged with motor vehicle homicide.

Hari Dhakal, 39, of Worcester, will be summonsed on that charge as well as driving to endanger and speeding in the crash on Park Avenue on April 28.

Rosemary Turner, 83, died hours after becoming pinned under an SUV when her house was hit.

Investigators say they performed a detailed physical and mechanical inspection of the 2008 Nissan Pathfinder after the crash. Nissan also helped investigators by helping in the forensic review of the SUV’s “black box.”

Prosecutors say all of the evidence they collected contradicted the claim Dhakal made after the crash which was that there was something wrong with the break and he jammed the break and the car didn’t stop.

Dhakal, who is getting his master’s degree, is a husband and father of two. He said he was driving to pick up his wife at the time, and drives down that road every day.

John Pappas, who was checking on his neighbor just as the SUV hit the home, was also injured in the crash.

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  1. michael says:

    It was an accident. You can charge him for purgery but not vehicular homicide. He was not intoxicated. I mean, what’s his motivation?

  2. ray says:

    Um, that’s “brake” not “break.” And you call this journalism???? Where’s your editor???

  3. Pujan Nepal says:

    it was the cproblem of break but everytime delears says it is their problem.But merciful stage of women is extremly sad.So I think this is not the mistake done by driver delears.People buy anything by money but delears always neglect about the problem.

  4. Pujan Nepal says:

    I mean dealears never say it is their mistake.But is their mistake and they should have to be responsible for anything wrong goest to the car.

  5. Lori says:

    If I were that driver I would hire an independant company to check out his cars black box. Do NOT trust THEM to do ir for you especially when the car company was helping THEM.

  6. Jack Stevens says:

    Immigrants / aliens / refugees –
    both ‘legal’ and illegal –
    are destroying us.

    The Governor doesn’t care because they vote for him.
    He is equally responsible for this woman’s death.

    1. johan stevenson says:

      @Jack Stevens, I couldn’t agree with you more!

      Accidents like this never happen unless an immigrant is behind the wheel, right?

      And I like your use of the quotes around legal, because everyone knows, there’s no such thing as a legal immigrant, right? (I mean except for your grandparents or great grandparents or whoever it was came over here on a boat, they were all completely legal I’m sure).

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