BOSTON (AP) – Attorney General Martha Coakley is pressing lawmakers on an initiative to crack down on human trafficking in Massachusetts.

On Tuesday, Coakley joins Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley at a Statehouse press conference to highlight the measure.

Coakley has filed a bill that would establish the state-level crimes of human trafficking in labor and sex and create an Attorney General-led task force to study the illegal trade. The bill also increases the penalties for so-called “Johns” to address the demand side of human trafficking. Massachusetts is one of four states without a state crime of human trafficking on the books.

Conley backs separate legislation designed to shift the focus from prosecuting teens involved in the sex trade to giving them the services they need to escape prostitution.

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Comments (3)
  1. taxedout says:

    How about the illegals along with the illegal trading??? How about going after the Lawrence mayor???

  2. Cinque says:

    I’m not sure about just how much “human trafficking” is going on in this state but I do have a very good idea on how many human beings are entering this state illegally and taking advantage of every single benefit that they are aware of getting in this state of confusion. When, if ever, will this massive problem, which costs billions of dollars every year, be addressed by somebody, anybody? Idealism is a wonderful asset but won’t do anyone a bit of good when you have an accident with someone who is driving a vehicle without benefit of a driver’s license, insurance or even a registered automobile.

  3. J.C.A. says:

    When are these politicians that call themselves “lawmakers” going to start ENFORCING the laws that are already on the books? Are they THAT afraid of losing VOTES for doing their flipping jobs?
    Jokely, step aside and take Caddy Pat with you. It’s time for leadership and not POLITICS.

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