BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Mayor Tom Menino reportedly did to Tampa Bay Mayor Bob Buckhorn what the Bruins are hoping to do to the Lightning: publicly embarrassed him.

On Friday, Tampa’s mayor had a big media event planned where he would receive a phone call from Menino and the two would wager on the Bruins-Lightning series.

But, according to The St. Petersburg Times, Menino, who was tied up on official business, left Buckhorn waiting for more than a half hour before eventually having someone else from his office call up.

Mayor Menino weighs in on the bet

The gentleman’s bet was that the loser would have to wear a tie bearing the winning team’s logo.

Buckhorn told The Times that the “lame” tie idea was Menino’s, but Mayor Menino disputes that claim.

“The mayor of Tampa called me. He wanted to make a bet. He wanted to bet ties.  He doesn’t have much confidence in his team,” Menino told WBZ-TV on Saturday. “Betting a tie? That’s cheesy. I wanted something good.”

Mayor Menino says regardless of the bet, he’s confident the Bruins will win.  He expects Tim Thomas will carry the team and predicts “the Bruins will win it in 5.”

Information from The St. Petersburg Times

Comments (13)
  1. Ellen says:

    Menino is not one would say classy. If I was a Bostonian I would be embarrassed to have this guy as my mayor.

    1. bigbadBs says:

      Ellen you’r NOT a Bostonian so SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

    2. p2boston says:

      I agree. Ellen should mind her own city, and mind her own mayor.

    3. Jean Smith says:

      Well good thing your not Ellen!!!!! Go Bruins Yeah!!!

    4. Patty says:

      Your grammar is terrible. It should read

      Menino is not, one would say, classy. If I were a Bostonian….

  2. Ellen says:

    Ellen’s back, and I still say no class at all, and yes not only may the Bruins win but also the Red Sox.

  3. lololol says:

    ellen you suck almost as much as the canadiens

  4. G says:

    Wow, you all suck HAHAHA G

  5. chickenparm says:

    Donald Stern and Varitek split the upright??..Did he have a full set of teeth
    when he talked to the Mayor of Tampa??

  6. Joe says:

    After last nights debauchery how about the bruins focus on winning game 2. Mr. Mayor, with all due respect, you focus on fueling up the duck boats and ordering pootta poottys for the wolling waally next month.

  7. Cinque says:

    Judging by Da Mayor’s comments and appearance, he was looking for a bet that included one thing and one thing only………..FOOD! His diet has gone the way of most diets. His last one lasted 2 weeks and all he lost was 14 days.

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