13 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

Plenty of low clouds and fog at the coast this morning. Clouds are already breaking inland giving way to some partial sun thanks to high pressure off the coast. Winds are light out of the SSE with plenty of cloud cover around today. Still, any breaks will be appreciated and help turn this Saturday into the pick of the weekend with dry and mild conditions with highs climbing into the upper 60s and lwr 70s away from the coast. Breaks of sun are likely through the early afternoon with clouds spreading from west to east from New York state to end the day on the cloudy side.

33 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

A cold front is across the canadian border which will become the focus for showers in the next 24 hours. As this front begins to push south, it will likely trigger showers across the north and western new england this evening.

Showers will continue to push south and east for Sunday along this stalling front over New England. The showers will likely develop in the morning with the steadiest rain waiting until midday into the afternoon…A few downpours are possible…then the rain will become lighter with pockets of drizzle.

21 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

Southerly flow aloft Monday will continue to transport warm humid air northward. The placement of the stalled front remains in question in the extended outlook. On the cooler side of the front, NE winds will keep temps will be in the 50’s, on the warmer more humid side of the front SE winds will push temps into the 60’s.

I think we all know by now what kind of pattern is ahead. The timing and placement and intensity of the showers is still up in the air.  So we look at where the air is coming from. you can see below a deep trough tapping into tropical air and directing it up the coast. The air will be loaded with moisture…so it is hard to say exactly when it will rain with any confidence…but when it does rain it will pour…for a time. Monday appears to be cool , showery with drizzle. Still, it could briefly rain heavily just about any time with the front stalled over us.

43 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

The upper Low will be digging in for the long haul Tuesday with a moist feed being directed right into New England off the water. This pattern remains in place through the midweek. Timing several shortwaves moving through will mean periods of heavier rain and periodic lulls.

53 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend62 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

The slow moving upper low will begin to weaken over us by the end of the week, which may provide a break in the pattern. Still enough lift and instability to keep the chance of shower until the end of the week. The Euro has shown the ridge offshore strengthening enough to push the heaviest rain west of new England through the midweek for a drier extended outlook…but for now I have decided to keep the steady chance of showers  in place for much of th week ahead looking at this setup. The pattern will definitely be losing steam by the end of the week for seasonal temps and a better chance of seeing the sun.

71 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

Again, where and when the heaviest rain will fall is hard to say…but there for a major rain event in the Northeast with 2-4″ rain possible especially in areas which get into some tropical downpours during the midweek.

83 A Hint Of Sun For The Weekend

Comments (14)
  1. David White says:

    It sounds like the Euro is trying to build and move a Bermuda High west by the end of the week to clear us out for next weekend. According to CPC the GFS is trying to bring clearing from the north or west. Which will win? Time will tell. And we shall see whether this is just a break or a pattern change to a warmer and drier one. Will the decaying La Nina help dry and warm things up? But as I said yesterday, let’s not wish or hope too much, or we may end up with prolonged high temps and high dewpoints or even a mini drought by summer.

  2. WeatherWizard says:

    Thanks Joe.

  3. Matt Souza says:

    i am putting a 2 on my flood scale as small rivers and poor drainage flooding could accour with the 3-5 inches of rain this week. If this happened in march that 2 would be a 4 which is major flooding luckily the plants will suck alot of it up.
    sunday and monday will be wash outs with about half of the water we are inspecting . then through friday we will be dealing with on and off down poors and thunderstorms with the rest of the rain amounts..

    HOW I HATE SPRING! we have been un normal.

    1. stevie says:

      Who cares about your flood scale or your ridiculous rain forecast?

  4. Timmy says:

    Heh, I’d rather have tropical rain than raw rain. At least with tropical rain you don’t need to bundle up and have every window shut in the house. NOTHING is worse than those pesky northeast winds that bring air right off the ocean and keep our temperatures stagnant for the day.

    1. JimmyJames says:

      Good postive thinking on your part Timmy and the good news is it will not be raining all the time next week.

    2. Italo says:

      I agree, Timmy. I love the tropical feel, and it’s a real improvement from the raw wind and rain coming off the ocean, especially the dreaded NNE directions.. Recuperating from surgery, I just wanted to try to sit on my balcony yesterday, and even with a hooded sweatshirt on I felt like I needed a hat, scarf and winter parka! lol That said, I’m sorry for all the folks, here in New England as well as south of us, who have been dealing with the flooding mess–that is so destructive and I wish them all the best resolution possible with that situation!

    3. coach23 says:

      Hey, I’m with you Timmy. I will take humid over raw anyday!

  5. Go_Bruins says:

    “Again, where and when the heaviest rain will fall is hard to say…”

    That’s what I like about you….you don’t actually give a forecast – you stay middle of the road and don’t commit. Way to go.

  6. Ellen says:

    A woman at bingo just came home from Florida, and she said it was miserable there with all rain, and cold weather, and this in Florida.

    1. coach23 says:

      She’s nuts. I just got back from there last night and it was sunny, hot and humid for the entire week I was there with not a single drop of rain.

      1. Ellen says:

        coach23, Only reporting what my sister heard at Bingo/ Just asked her what gives and she told me that she maybe wrong, that she thought the woman said Florida. Should have checked the facts out on that one myself. Sorry.

  7. Snow Time says:

    Seems like this is the kind of weather I remember every time we went camping.

  8. coach23 says:

    Ellen, wasn’t saying your sister was nuts – just the person who said it was rainy and cold in FL.

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