By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I am so disgusted with the misuse of kids using cell phones . This last one was were the kid was sexting while in school , instead of wasting our schools time of policing these kids make it a law that there will be no cell phones in school period . Yea alot of people might get upset but think when we were in school did we have cell phones growing up? no we did not have this device so why can’t these kids go without a cell phone period ? is it going to kill them ? well if you make it a rule no cell phones on school property period i bet there will be alot less kids getting in trouble . go back to the old fashion school teach kids without any distractions like cell phones where they can play games on or send pics or do other things they should not be doing and the teachers wont have to worry about taking time out of her or his class to deal with a disruptive student because of a stupid phone . – Jerry, Whitinsville

I think Jerry is talking about an incident we reported on in Hull.

Schools often allow students to bring their cell phones to class, as long as they’re shut off.   Jerry is going further and suggesting that kids not be allowed to even bring their phones to school. 

Do you think he’s onto something?  Or would banning phones in school just be a problem for kids who need them right after school?

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  1. Sarah K says:

    You know, only a month or two ago, I would have agreed. My daughter is 12 years old, and has been asking for a phone for several years, getting the same answer(no, of course). Recently, my husband and I have both had to take on longer schedules, leaving my daughter home alone for longer periods than before. We cannot expect her to spend the daytime hours of the summer cooped up in the house(as the rule was always when you’re home alone, you stay inside, no friends, no phone, don’t answer the door….). I almost had a panick attack the first time I couldn’t reach her. How many things can happen. This made me realize that it’s time to start revisiting that cell phone conversation(with parental controlls, of course).
    Now, my duaghter attends a private school, and there is no bus service. I can always be sure that she will make it home safely, but so many parents don’t have that assurance. When their children are often dropped off blocks from home, or even required to walk up to 2 miles home from school with bussing cuts, they worry for long periods each day. We would never leave a tween/teen home alone without a phone to call for help, why would we let them be walking on the streets without the same, when it is totally within our power. We don’t need schools to play nanny and ban phones. We need parents to step up and use the parental controlls that are available on today’s phones.

    1. jerry says:

      So if you do not mind me saying thats good in fine so then when other kids dissrupt the school system because of playing games on it or getting on the internet or even sexting , do you think its ok to take away the learning time from your child or anyones elses because these kids mis uses there phones ? then just like that school investigating that sexting the other day now they are getting alot of grief over it and taking precious time from the school personel because parents allow there kids to have a cell phone and misuse it on school property which should not be allowed wasting money and time of the school department . The way i see it if one person abuse the cell phone then it should not be allowed in school property regardless because its a big distaction for everyone around . Then u said about walking home well when the child walks home tell them to call you as soon as you get home , me and my brother and sister had to when my parents worked so whats wrong with that ? or if your worried about them walking home alone either arrange someone to pick them up or walk with a friend in groups . No offense ment but you need to stop making up excuses for allowing kids to have a cell phone . Tell me what did kids do when there was no cell phones before they invented them ? There are kids getting in trouble for sexting , driving and getting killed because of texting , playing games on them instead of doing there class work and so on . Some kids might obey the rule but alot of kids do not and the only way to be fair about the whole thing is not to allow any kids with cell phones on property costing school personel money and time and teaching because of a few bad apples so to speak . You know if you allow one kid to have a cell phone and the other not allowed then you are going to have a law suite so the best thing is take it away from everyone period . No one has ever died from not having a cell phone but theres been alot of people who have died while using them .

  2. response says:

    My kids have had cell phones for years, and yes I allow them to take them to school. They know, it is so they can reach me if they need me or I can reach them when I need to.
    They are allowed to have them turned on during lunch.
    I feel better they have them, especially in an emergency situation.
    Jerry – the teachers union would never allow a law that says no cell phones on school property!

  3. Bob says:

    Last I checked there were phones available in the office for the students to use in case of emergency. And if a parent needed to get in touch with there child they could call the office and someone would get the child out of class if needed. Next thing you know these kids that think its there right to carry phones in school will be riding Amtrak trains in the quiet section talking loudly with disregard for others for 16 hrs at a time.

    1. jerry says:

      Exactly my point , they can use the office phone to get a message to them or they can call them either way , plus use the buddy system walking home together if you that afraid of them getting picked up by a stranger . All it is is another excuse to give a child a cell phone with internet access because barney down the street has a new cell phone with a internet access with it . No offense ment but in my opinion thats a big cop out giving a child a cell phone and the schools has to be the teacher and parent of a child that abuses the rule then when u repremand them then the parents get mad at the school system because of what there child did . Look at hull school what they did there they took a bunch of kids phones away and now the parents are whining because lil johnny had his cell phone taken away . Thank god our kids run our lives now .

  4. SIlver Lining says:

    When I was in high school, we were allowed to possess cell phones as long as they were shut off. I was walking into school one given morning, shutting off my cell phone, when a security guard came up, took my cell phone, and escorted me up to the dean where I had to serve half of a day of in school suspension. Banning cellular phones all together in school, especially in this society, is a BAD idea. Look at the school shootings, fires, robberies and car accidents, the majority are resported via cellular phones. I agree it has gotten out of hand these days with kids and cell phones in school, yet they can also save lives.

  5. jerry says:

    We would not have any school shootings if parents would disapline there kids the right way plus allow the school to disapline them like the old days were the the kids are not allowed to get away with things . Kids now days are spoiled rotton period they have cell phones in school they have soda machines they have snack machines , they are allowed to use calculators instead of figuring how to do math by writing the problems our on paper . The other day i gave a kid money on a product i bought in a store and i said wait i will give you change to make it even , did you know that kid could not figure out how much money to give back? and then u talk about car accidents well i was behind a young kid driving in a car passing me at at high rate of speed , well you could see as he passed me he was texting on the phone and guess what he crossed 2 lanes into the oncoming traffic over the other side of the embankment because of a cell phone . Thats why u have lot more accidents and its because of cell phones . This is whats wrong with our society today they wanna blame everything else except the real reason why this stuff happens . What did everyone ever do before cell phones ? gee i wonder .

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