Curious About Kids & Cell Phones in School

By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I am so disgusted with the misuse of kids using cell phones . This last one was were the kid was sexting while in school , instead of wasting our schools time of policing these kids make it a law that there will be no cell phones in school period . Yea alot of people might get upset but think when we were in school did we have cell phones growing up? no we did not have this device so why can’t these kids go without a cell phone period ? is it going to kill them ? well if you make it a rule no cell phones on school property period i bet there will be alot less kids getting in trouble . go back to the old fashion school teach kids without any distractions like cell phones where they can play games on or send pics or do other things they should not be doing and the teachers wont have to worry about taking time out of her or his class to deal with a disruptive student because of a stupid phone . – Jerry, Whitinsville

I think Jerry is talking about an incident we reported on in Hull.

Schools often allow students to bring their cell phones to class, as long as they’re shut off.   Jerry is going further and suggesting that kids not be allowed to even bring their phones to school. 

Do you think he’s onto something?  Or would banning phones in school just be a problem for kids who need them right after school?

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