BOSTON (CBS) – Cameras are currently set up in San Antonio schools photographing what students are eating in an effort to fight childhood obesity.

The idea is to equip adults in the war on obesity with better data on what kids are actually eating. But, could they be arming the wrong troops with the wrong weapon?

See: Keller @ Large Blog

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large:

The cameras are being paid for with $2 million in federal funds, and officials said the idea could go national.

Comments (6)
  1. graywolf says:

    Wouldn’t it be a better idea to spend the $2 million for food for starving children in this country?

  2. mikey says:

    Ridiculous. Right up there with using federal funds to study Icelandic bee pollen.

  3. Stephen Stein says:

    Here’s what I don’t get – when I see a story about the nanny state, I think maybe of Massachusetts, but NEVER Texas. I thought Texans complained about this sort of thing.

  4. emom says:

    REALLY NOW AND WHO’S BRIGHT IDEA WAS THIS ONE,,,,, certainly not bushes, hhhmmm… you know with all this buzz on child hood obesity,, you would think they would look for a much better way to fix this problem….. NO instead they rather bash each and every parent for how they feed their children,, Don’t get me wrong its a major issue, BUT, does anyone of these yahoo’s ever think the real reason some of these kids are over weight is because the are poor, can not afford good foods, have they thought about the cost to these families… have they truly looked at the cost of healthy foods.. lean meats and chicken are over $3.25 a pound, ground beef is almost $4 a pound, vegetables fresh are more expensive than canned which is full of chemicals,,, frozen is great BUT still can cost a lot of money, its way easier to purchase the nitrate, sugary, by-product, dye colored. fried, processed, salted, chemically loaded, non- whole grained, syrupy, fat laden, cholesterol clogging, caffeinated, oh so good tasting foods,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, than to eat fruits and vegetables fresh from the produce department, Fish ,, forget that,,,, WHO can afford it, at almost $10 a pound… Yeah hotdogs, chicken nuggets, cold cuts, mac and cheese, canned soups, fried chicken, cheesy vegetables, white bread , pure butter, tons of eggs, canned pasta, TV dinners, donuts, cookies, crackers, chips, candy bars, fruit snacks, and lets not forget the burger joints……… sure fresh food is available and good for us, but hey the other foods are cheaper and easier and quicker to make,,,
    SO is it a wonder that childhood obesity is on the rise,,,, and to put cameras in the school to use as an education tool to teach parents …….PLEASE ,,,, like most of these parents don’t know what they eat all day,,, heck they either give them money to purchase food AT SCHOOL, or they pack their oh so tasty no good for them lunch.. How about making food prices cheaper so they can afford it….. FDA,,,, yeah I can come up with a few words for them,,, BUT I will not say it………………..

  5. beaches says:

    Why not use all that money to pay down the taxes. Instead they’re spending money for no good reason except to create new jobs for state workers. Do they really think people will eat healthy by doing this? When did we have to be told what to eat? When is this useless spending going to stop? Pretty soon they’re going to be weighing the kids and putting them in detention for being over weight. Concentrate on feeding the people who can’t afford food. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a meal from McDonalds.

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