By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

WORCESTER (CBS) – “Well you could’ve waited until I had my teeth in.”

That was the greeting from Rebecca Sullivan when the I-Team showed up to talk with her about some questionable behavior at her Worcester driving school.

It seems she’s always looking for a laugh.

“I mean man, I don’t do window dressing, sorry,” Sullivan said.

WBZ-TV I-Team’s Kathy Curran reports

She’s the owner of Becky’s Driving School in Worcester, where teens are supposed to learn the rules of the road.

There’s instruction in the classroom and behind the wheel, but some say the learning is lacking and that Becky Sullivan’s behavior in the classroom goes too far.

One student said, “I wouldn’t go there if you want to get a real driver’s education. It’s more sex ed or AA, I guess.”

The student and parent, who don’t want to be identified, say Sullivan talks about her sex life, booze, and drugs, and it’s all laced with plenty of profanity.

The student’s father said, “We were appalled about the open and frank, graphic discussions about drinking, driving, sex, and the cavalier attitude she has toward these things.”

Students say the following is a quote from Becky during class, “Believe me, I was never really educated in sex before I was doing it. Oh I’m supposed to move? I thought I was just supposed to ((expletive)) do what you gotta do.”

It’s a statement Sullivan denies ever making.

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian says driver’s ed is no place to joke around.

She adds, “That is not what the purpose of driver’s ed class is and it’s totally inappropriate.”

The student who spoke with us also said, “She mostly talks about her personal life, how she used to do drugs and how she’ll kill us if we hurt her grandchildren. She talked about how she used to drink a lot, her kids were a mistake, and how she really didn’t want them. Not much about driving.”

It appears many kids coming through this driving school haven’t learned enough to get behind the wheel.

According to the state, the average failure rate for driving schools is about 20-percent.

Becky’s failure rate is much higher in the past six months. In March, almost 52-percent of her students didn’t pass the test.

There’s also concern about a comment she made on seat belts.

“I said I did not agree with the Mass. seat belt law. Because you can marry someone of the same sex, you can kill an unborn child and then they tell you, you have to wear a seat belt. I was trying to bring out the contradiction in that,” Sullivan said.

“You can put this anywhere you want because the people in my class know who I am, know why I do what I do, and you know what, I can’t fill up a class quick enough. Becky wants them alive, Becky cares they drive alive.”  

Saving lives with safe driving skills is the ultimate goal at the Central Mass. Safety Council.

From the classroom to the streets, they say taking the job seriously is key to teaching so teens learn the basic traffic laws skills needed on the road.

Executive Director Tim Cooney said, “We train them to pass the test but we also train them to be safe drivers, we feel it’s vital for youngsters to get good, solid foundation.”

Becky says she offers quality driver’s ed at an affordable price of $550.

The family we spoke with has filed a complaint with the state about Becky’s behavior. A spokesperson for the registry tells us they’re investigating.

Becky Sullivan sent an email to her students once she found out about our story.  And in response, we received several emails.

Many of her students say they enjoyed their experience, they like Becky’s unconventional way of teaching, and it helps them learn what they need to about driving.

Comments (80)
  1. John says:

    WBZ: Please put the video of this lady on your website so everyone can see her face and steer clear of her driving school.

    This is just another reason why driving should be taught in MA high schools and not by private companies.

    1. Patryck B. says:

      My names is Patryck B and quite frankly i am discusted with the way you have portrayed this auto school. I am a former student of Becky’s auto school and i feel that her teachings are individualistic, she has no fear in commenting on what issues teens now-a-days face behind the wheel that parents continue to disregard. Pier-pressure, drugs, cell Phones, not putting on safety belts, its all part of “being cool”. Becky is a role model to me and i know that she will speak out and put her foot down to keep teens like myself safe behind the wheel. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude to the work she puts in to informing the youth of bad decision making. I recommend Becky’s Auto School, but only to those who wish to learn the FULL responsibility a person has when they receive there license. And to john of WBZ although i am nothing more then a former student to Becky, it gave me comfort when she told me and my class to call her before ever getting in a vehicle with an inadequate driver. Knowing that she went out side of the classroom to keep me safe.

      1. grafton hill man says:

        Recently I was driving on Interstate I 290 when I saw a Becky’s vehicle race by me heading to the Route 122 cutoff. When they came upon the stop sign (2 people were in the car) they took a right turn without a full stop and then proceeded to go through another stop sign. I called to report this to the school but GOT NO REPLY. Should have called the Registry.

    2. Chrissyd says:

      OHHHH please!!!! they can’t teach kids how to balance a checkbook never mind pass a driving test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. emom says:

    her students failure rate is over 53% WOW, thats crazy,,,,, I would think she would strive to a higher rate , but I fear she isnt teaching the students much ,, except about her personal beliefs, and the fact she walks around with a cigarett and a can of sugery coke,,, maybe she doesnt believe in seatbelts because well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Nope not saying ,,, a video is worth a few words on that………. wait didnt we just have a post about children and aaahhhhhhhh .yeah we did…………. go figure

    1. boob says:

      emonnnnnnnnnn your wack…what kind of name is that

  3. Carling says:

    Just saw this story thought I would see what the hub was on the blog, not much yet. Not sure I agree with highschools teaching driving skills. Ma cant afford to keep schools open or to teach our children math and english to rule in our highschools,I wouldnt want them teaching our students to drive. Drivers are bad enough out there. During this class it sounds like they are getting time behind the wheel, and being taught to drive in a class setting. I imagine based on the teenagers these days they would be rather difficult to teach, maybe we need to hold those accountable who failed the test, what are they like? Are they vigilant with practice and studying, or do they look to blame others for their failure? What goes on further than that is she said he said. The news station received several emails stating they had learned alot behind the wheel etc. In the end she sounded truly sincere that she wants these kids to be safe. We will have to see if this unfolds any further.

  4. amy says:

    This is the most one sided news story I have ever read and seen. WBZ I expected a little more! Data is very miss leading (pulling ONE months stats, not JUST classroom students- forgot to mention that), only one or two students interviewed. She’s been teaching drivers Ed for years, and this is all you gathered. Very poor job.

    1. Rhonda Bachrach says:

      Nice comment Amy. I would have to agree. I see “much ado about nothing” considering that everything that I have been told from my daughter who recently graduated from Becky’s that she is a first-rate teacher.

      1. Patti says:

        I have to agree with both of you. I was a student at Becky’s two years ago. I will admit that yes, she did talk about what was mentioned in the article. But it’s not like she DIDN’T teach us. She did teach the proper material and we took the tests, which were difficult. I passed with an A and passed the driving test, first try. Haven’t gotten into any accidents or trouble. She did teach us well. I admit I wish she focused less on her personal stories. But some of her personal stories gave us even more reason NOT to do what is illegal or life threatening. The personal aspect adds a type of adhesive that sticks with you and enforces the idea that no, it’s NOT right to do this or that.

        And Amy, I noticed that as well. Comparing a months worth of statistics and comparing them to the average of all students is not right. Nor is it acceptable data.

        As a side note, please don’t turn into FOX, WBZ. Don’t become biased and unfair as this story seems to be.

    2. bwsmith says:

      I fi9nd it interesting that they brought in CMSC driving school for comparison. That school had 2 rather bad accidents over the winter. Becky had none. CMSC cars are in questionable condition and my experience with them was very poor. Becky’s provided a much better education.

    3. grafton hill man says:

      Hey Amy, Get A LIFE………..look at the stats!!!!! She’s a low life and hope her license to operate that school is REVOKED.

      1. I hate grafton hill says:

        Your a loser, you have nothing to do with the school, you need a life. She offers fun education for the cheapest around. You probably sit home on the couch and eat popcorn and drink beer. GET A JOB YOU SMELLY TROLL!!!! I hope you feel good about trashing on someone who is an all around better person than you.

    4. Chrissyd says:

      This story is disgusting and a reprehensible report on the medias attempt to report a story without hearing both sides and on only 1 family’s complaint who don’t even have the balls to show their face!!! My 2 daughters, nieces and nephews, and many friends children have gone to Becky’s, passed the first time and LOVED her!!!! She is like family to my kids!! This is ridiculous!! Did these parents not attend the parent class before their kids started class with Becky, where she told you what would be discussed and what to expect???? They could have left then……I am appalled!! We LOVE Becky!!

  5. Rhonda Bachrach says:

    My husband and I sent our daughter to Becky’s recently. We are very professional people, i.e. an attorney and paralegal. Although somewhat unconventional, Becky worked hard at providing the teens in her class a first rate driver’s education. The so-called sex-ed statements were discussed in a context that the kids should not engage in such activity, especially while driving, because they may die as a result. I have found Becky’s to be successful in engaging teens in driver’s education and, more importantly, teaching them the rules of the road for save driving.

    1. worcester driver says:

      That’s why 53% FAILED…………..Wake up. As a so called member of the legal profession, you and your husband should be more aware of your daughter’s surroundings. Talking sex in driving school know matter what the context is over the line. STUPID

      1. worcester driver says:

        Rhonda, Sorrie my mistake………..52% failed………….and your still STUPID……….wouldn’t want any legal advise from you……….YOUR .Guilty………

    2. Chrissyd says:

      It is YOUR responsibility to take them driving in fat it is a requirement that they have so many hours driving with a parent… you obviously are one of those parents who expect everyone else to do your job…..

  6. Barry Bachrach says:

    My daughter recently attended. The I Team’s report is off base and i agree with Amy it is one sided, but worse than that it lacks facts, it makes unsupported accusations, and is a scurrilous unsubstantiated attack. how can anyone take seriously an article that has two anonymous sources. Anonymous stories are the breeding ground of defamation. The I team should be ashamed of itself. Yet, there appear to be people who will accept anything the media prints no matter how irresponsible. I hope people critically look at this attack, question who called for it, and see it for what it is.

  7. ryan says:

    this is a very unfair story about becky. i went there a couple years ago and i have a flawless driving record and she taught me alot in an unconventional way. it was relaxing cause she stopped me from driving scared and loosened up my personallty. i can see how some people might find her offensive cause she does have a bad mouth but she even says the first day of class if you dont like her or how she talks you can glady leave and get your money back. no excuses if you dont like her leave but she does teach well and tries to help students. but just like in any school if you dont pay attention and dont want to be helped you will fail…get over it

  8. Melissa says:

    I personally myself had Becky 10 years ago when she was with another company and because of her I learned how to drive. My parents were very nervous about me driving so I did not get much experience driving before signing up for driving school. Becky taught me to relax while driving, pay attention to yourself and others around you. Just because a teacher is not stuffy and all business DOES NOT mean you will not learn anything. Becky taught me to drive – It was not my family nor my friends. I owe being able to have the privilege to drive to Becky. Thank you Becky!!

  9. No teeth & a smoke. says:

    It appears that some of Becky’s satisfied customers are backing her up but how do you explain a 52% failure rate for her students? Judging by some of the people I see driving cars, there should be a 70% failure rate.

    1. bwsmith says:

      You need to take into consideration that adults from other countries take their road test at Becky’s. Many of these adults don’t own cars so don’t practice. They expect to drive 2 or 3 times and then get their license. What is the actual failure rate For Becky’s driver’s ed / classroom students? Closer to 10 – 15%

  10. Carling says:

    Thanks for leading with inside eyes,Ry. Its good to hear the other side. We didnt know that information. ap

  11. cjs says:

    I sent both of kids to Becky’s. Failure rate – 100%. After my son, the second to go there, failed I spent hours working with him. Hours. He didn’t even know to pull over when an emergency vehicle approached. My daughter failed because she didn’t know to yield entering a rotary. Never taught these things. How can that be? My son told me recently he learned more from me than he ever did on her “rides”. I would not at all recommend her.

    1. response says:

      I’m sorry, but isn’t this your responsibility to teach your children to PULL OVER WHEN AN EMERGENCY VEHICLE IS APPROACHING?
      I don’t understand? He must see you do it? Yielding entering into a rotary? (or yielding to any oncoming traffic)
      As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children how to drive. Drivers Education is a fill in, but if you had been doing your job as a parent, you wouldn’t need someone else to tell your children the rules of the road. Most of them should be known prior to even going to Drivers Education.

      1. Reply says:

        Wow I thought when you pay a driving school to teach your child they teach them how to drive and the rules of the road. All that you are saying is a parents job, I was taught by my instructor So tell me what do you pay a driving school for? And attacking someone as a parent is not ok, and over her comment about her experince there.It her experince not everyones and she is intitled to that.

      2. kay says:

        If children were supposed to know the rules of the road before going to driver’s ed, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of having driver’s ed? Driving instructor’s should be reinforcing and expanding on what students already know. I’m sure that both of cjs’s children learned a lot from him or her. It’s not their fault that the driver’s ed teacher was unable to continue what they learned from a parent. I’m sure your parents did a great job teaching YOU how to drive. Maybe you’re one of Becky’s former students that couldn’t pass the driving test?

    2. Jorje says:

      Do your children have a learning disability? It is the instructor’s job to teach, your children’s job to learn. I love how parents blame their “perfect child’s” failure on the teacher. It’s always the teacher right? No, your kids are just not bright. Deal with it…

      Becky was great, the Rex Ryan of Drivers Ed, loved her!

  12. Jamie says:

    Well then obviously they did not take their own education seriously. I finished my lessons just a few months ago, I know how to do all of that and more. Her unconventional teaching methods show who can and can not be mature enough to handle driving responsibly. Plus these people complaining about not knowing how to do things. She states it herself in class by the end of your road lessons call her and she will take you out personally on a lesson and show you how to do it. You people are just pathetic why don’t you talk to some actual students and this garbage, I hope your proud of yourself. This news station has officially lost my respect and support.

  13. Teacher says:

    To all your irate former students… I’m happy you are supporting your former teacher. However, the biggest issue that jumps out of that article is that a DRIVING instructor is teaching SEX ED, POLITICS, SWEARS, and HEALTH. Sure she may be teaching driving, and may even be teaching it well, but I doubt in her paper work it says that she is going to teach all of that too.

    I think it is every parent’s responsibilty and right to know what garbage someone is teaching. Becky is not a licensed doctor, pyschatrist or any other professional other than a driving instructor. Therefore, her personal advice said while teaching is not appropriate. This is for the same reason public school teachers can’t talk about their own political views. Kids are impressionable and take what adults say as fact and they can mimic them. So, irregardless to whether her opinions have merit, she is doing something she shouldn’t. If she wants to do that she needs to find another position elsewhere.

    Lastly, how dare you viewers attack the anonymous in this case. If Becky denied any of what these people claimed then I’d agree with you. However, she isn’t. Therefore this defending is stupid. You either agree with her methods or you don’t, but clearly the facts are still the facts.

    1. dan says:

      irregardless is not in the does not exist

      1. mummerz says:

        Irregardless is an informal term commonly used in place of regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since it first appeared in the early twentieth century. Most dictionaries list it as “nonstandard” or “incorrect” but it does exist.

  14. Mary says:

    So glad someone has finally made a story about this women. I sent my daught there and she had to deal with all of this sex, drugs and drinking talk, not to mention driving in a car with someone who has no reguard to others health. Smoking in the car with my child who has never been around a smoker in closed quarters. Came home everytime smelling of smoke. Her other instructors are just as bad smoking, swearing, texting, talking on their cell phones. Having small children in car, I do believe they are beckys grandkids smoking and swearing with them im the car. She is a very loud and rude person who cares only for her self. Selling cigarette to minor children what will it take to stop this women from endangering or childrens health and lives. I hope more people are willig to come forward and stop this circus show. What a mistake it was to send my child there. I will be send my son somewhere else and I hope many others do the same

  15. 50-50 says:

    these comments are like her stats on passing the driver’s ed course, half of you thought she was a great instructor and the other half thought she wasn’t. We are at a stand still. If she is doing these things ie smoking while teaching the kids to drive swearing and the inappropriate discussions they need to stop. On the other side if some people feel she is doing her job and doing it well let her continue. I just need more proof than just 1 month’s data.

  16. Jim S says:

    I am a Graduate of Becky from around 2003. She teaches about whats real in Worcester and how to navigate a car in such a climate. Part of that is dialogue with the kids about sex, drugs and drunk driving. In Worcester, kids around the age of 16 are all engaged in those activities and Becky strives to educate about the dangers of mixing these behaviors with a car. To the parents on here complaining about this and the smoke and such,,, thats real life around this town and your kids probably took alot from it since they been sheltered from real life. Bottom line is this… if you want your kid to be prepared to putts around small town Holden and be home before the street lights come on then send them somewhere else. If you want your kid to be prepared for driving around Worcester with there friends like they are going to anyway, Becky will teach them some important lessons that will stick with them forever. When your son/daughter is faced with choice to ride with drunk friends or not,, you will be glad they learned from Becky. A real world driving school instructor!

    1. Kristin C. says:

      Also a graduate from Becky (with a flawless driving record as well), i agree 100%.

  17. Me says:

    That cigarette and smug face just about tell it all. Shame on her for providing such a disservice to these kids. Will be extra sure my child steers clear of a white trash driving school like this.

    1. Cool name Bro says:

      Hey Me, i hope u get in a car accident. If you went to becky you wouldn’t.

  18. Check it out says:

    As i watched this again, I believe this was a personal attack by someone, the main focus was on her smoking. I didnt know it was illegal to smoke and be a driving instructor. I felt like this news story was more of a harrassment segment than a news story. It told me nothing more then what the excerpts told me before the story

  19. Becky Sullivan says:

    This is Becky from Becky’s Driving School. I have watched the news and read the comments. At this time I will address one issue and will address the other issues in the near future. The issue I will address is my failure rate for road tests. I do not put people on my road tests unless I believe they will pass. Once they are in the car I have no control over what happens. I can tell people to roll down the window before showing their hand signals, but I can not do it for them.

    The news stated we had a 52% failure rate. However, this was one road test in which we had over 50 students testing. I am not saying that is an excuse but keep in mind this is not a normal occurrence. What should be asked is what was done for those students who did fail. They were all given as many free lessons needed to get them ready for the road. Also, their next road test were also discounted. We strive to make every teen learn to drive to stay alive. So we offer every student a free lesson prior to their road test to make sure they are ready. But just as I can’t take the test for my students I can’t make them practice with their parents and I can’t make them take the free lessons.

    At Becky’s we are concerned with safety not money. We want your children knowing what should and shouldn’t be done safely in a car. It is because of this philosophy that we have lower income families attending. Some of these families do not have cars. We do all that we can to make sure these kids get the lessons they need to make them safe drivers. This often times goes way over and above the registry requirements.

    As a side note, had Kathy Curran been taking the road test she too would have failed. Even though she put on her seat belt she failed to look over her shoulder while pulling out on a busy street. Missing an adjacent street in her blind spot that she would not have been able to see in her mirror. Which is cause for failure on a road test.

    We realize other issues may be a matter of concern and we will address them each individually when we have decided which forum is best.

  20. kathy clark says:

    I was appalled at the attack on Becky’s Driving School. My 3 adult children were students of Becky’s, and they are all excellent drivers today.
    This is not just a business to her, she has a real passion that her students remain safe and know all the rules of the road.
    Becky does have an unconventional way of teaching,that she doesn’t sugarcoat. The lessons taught in her class will always stay with the students.
    I hope someday my grandchildren will have the benefit of Becky’s Driving School.

    1. cak says:

      spot on! I completely agree.

  21. Not Good says:

    A personal attack …No just real people worried about their childrens health and well being. If you really dont mind your kids learning sex from some white trash missing theeth driving teacher. Hey go for it, as for me I will never put my kid in a place like that. She is crude and totally out of line with her comments amd behavior. Oh and wasn’t she accused last year of selling drugs to the students, and thats why there was a state cop sitting in her class room. To all that think she is teaching our kids something good you must just act like her any parent putting their kid in an environment like this should rethink their parenting skills. Get a clue people do you really think this behavior is ok? Absolutly not maybe she sould focus on her classroom manners more and less on her personal life.

    1. kathy clark says:

      Who do you think you are!! To pass judgement on another human being and to use such a derogatory term as” white trash”…Shame on you!
      I don’t believe for a minute that Becky would sell drugs…. that state cop was probably in her class waiting to give the driving test

    2. Sabrina says:

      Actually the state trooper is training to be an instructor there….he obviously doesn’t have a problem with her methods.

      1. Methods says:

        So because he does not have any problems with her teaching method, does that make her teaching methods right? Um Im gonna say teaching kids about sex is not her place. Therefore its does not make her methods ok. It is wrong, her driving school should be about driving not sex, drugs and any other than issues

  22. samantha says:

    Ummmmmm, yah the state cop that was sitting in her classroom has completed the training to work for Beckys driving school as a driving instructor. Maybe you should get your facts straight. That information can be obtained through the registry if you care to look. And as far as attacking someone and the way they look, shame on you!

  23. Tess Casey says:

    Yikes, as an instructor, I have to frown :{ on this behavior in the class, or the car. Maybe some students did “get it” with her way of teaching, but not our job to push anymore info than THE ROAD.
    There are some real nut cases out there, tho, but I’d be willing to bet the majority of schools are on board with a strict curriculum – no sex, no drugs, no rock and roll. That’s right, we don’t even listen to the radio!

    1. donna says:

      get a clue you don’t know what you are talking about. About anything you said. its all lies.think and know before you speak.

  24. dan says:

    plain and simple…if you do not like the driving school don’t send your kids

  25. Toothless Willy says:

    Becky, thanks for clarifying some of the issues but wait let me put my teeth in first. Classic!!

  26. Katie Clark says:

    I am a former student of Becky’s driving school and I will tell you that Becky is a Great driving instructor. I’ve never seen a news story so one sided in my life and I personally find it disgusting that wbz would exploit Becky in such a way. Becky ALWAYS makes sure safety comes first and makes sure that the student driver is responsible on the road before they take their driving test. This is a personal attack on Becky this is not a news story.

  27. Victor Ingellis says:

    I had Becky as an instructor a few years ago when she worked for a local driving school and although she is a little unconventional and down to Earth, she did a lot to teach everyone and hit all the key points that were expected on the exam and I passed the first time. It seems to be just one family upset, and I wonder if the girl actually passed the first time around and if that’s why she is making a big deal about it. I’m sure her discussions are the same stuff heard in Teachers’s Break Rooms all across the commonwealth. I’ll send my brother to your school Becky! Got to support local small businesses

    1. Local says:

      It s not just one family, there are now a few familys coming out and agreeing. I agree with you support you local business, but when the business is teaching our children things that should not be taught in a driving school. Its just not ok. I will only follow the facts about the story not all theses crazy comments. And there are not facts on this story just he said she said. The only fact I have heard is about seatbelts.

  28. Jim S says:

    This is how driving school should be taught. Not sugar coated. Just real life. If your kid is in driving school and are not having a dialogue (not a lecture) about drinking and drugs as they relate to teenage driving than they are not prepared for what they are going to face in REAL LIFE. No matter who you are or where you live your kids will have to make tough choices about this kind of stuff and she is preparing them for this. Take it from me. I went to her driving school, had honest conversations with the class, and was better prepared to be a safe teenage driver.

  29. response says:

    reply – parents have a responsibility to teach their children how to drive. You have to have so many hours with a driving school and an adult.
    yes, I know it’s shocking…but parent have a responsibility.
    Way before you get behind the wheel (I don’t care if its a big wheel or a bike) you should know to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle and to yield before coming into oncoming traffic.
    You send your children to school, but it does not mean you stop teaching your children.

  30. Stacy says:

    Yes Becky did talk about her personal life a lot but she also taught us the proper rules and safety for being on the road. She truly does care about her students and made sure we were comfortable with taking the road test. Both my brother and I graduated from her school both passed the driver’s test first time and have perfect driving records. Her intention were in the students best interests. And I agree instead of complaining abouther teaching methods just send your children to a different school that better fits what criteria you prefer your child to be learning. Becky just covered everything possible

  31. Madison says:

    I do love how you look at one month of her failure rate and the negative things she teaches, I went to this driving school and not only did they help me financially, but they are great and honest people. Becky herself has been in the Burncoat neighborhood for a long time and she has done a lot for the community by donating to the local food banks and shelters. For you to bash her unorthodox style of teaching why don’t you take your kids out of their bubble and let them experience someone else’s view of the world rather than their parents.

    Proud Graduate of Becky’s Driving School

  32. Anna says:

    Becky is a great person and a great teacher! She has an awesome way of connecting with her students so that we can learn and PASS. When I did driving school with her, everyone in my class passed except for one person. I’m pretty sure those stats are not very accurate. She’s been an excellent teacher and she’s been teaching at an affordable price. It’s not like there haven’t been any other driving schools in the Worcester area that has had some complaints. She doesn’t deserve this!

  33. Olivia says:

    Okay I just attended driving school with her the past 2 weeks and she is a great teacher she does encourage us to wear seatbelts and she does not talk about her sex life in those 2 weeks of sitting in a classroom with her as the teacher I have learned so much about driving! Becky does not deserve this at all. This is ridiculous!

  34. Will C says:

    This story has a funny smell to it. Perhaps its propaganda put out by CMSC to shut down Becky’s Driving School since she seems to be doing so well business wise with a steep undercut in price… Just saying.

    1. Janzie says:

      The above comment makes sense to me. People who have good reason to know the truth would tell you that CMSC is in deep financial trouble, and they might be desperate enough to do anything to try to stay alive, no matter how underhanded it could be. Don’t forget that Cooney is a former politician, so he might have called in a few favors on this one.

  35. Felicia says:

    Becky is a wonderful lady, who loves her children unconditionally. Her grand-children are her pride and joy. When it comes to her job, she goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of her students. It is a shame to attack someone who puts all of her effort in her student’s lessons. She cares about these youngsters.

    This sounds more like a disgruntle person seeking revenge for some reason unknown to anyone. Their intention is malicious. They want to harm Becky. Before this person launched his/her accusation, there had not been any complaints of or to the schools staff.

    Not every student is going to pass their driving test on the first try, and many youngsters do not follow the rules of the road once they get their license. Statistically speaking, this affects teens the most. Does that mean that the driving school they went to did not teach their children correctly?

    When our children earn their permit to drive, we send them to driving school. It is the obligation of the parents to practice driving with their kids too. Parents have to reenforce the lessons the same way we make sure they do their homework.

    To these so called educated people, name calling does not say much about your character not to mention your integrity. You are behaving like an ill mannered, uneducated, disrespectful spoiled brat. Is this what YOU are teaching your children? Our youngsters?

    Becky tells her students on day one, “If you don’t like the way I teach, you may leave and get your money back.” Students stay with their parents blessings. If you had a problem with the school, why did you allow your child to remain and then file a false report. Why did you not remove your child from there. I’ll tell you why, It was convenient for you and the price was right.

    Lets get all of our facts together before involving the media. WBZ,where is the proof that substantiates these allegations? Instead of following and harassing Becky while she’s in the middle of a driving lesson with a student, you should be somewhere else doing your research and or investigation. Don’t you realize that you could be endangering this student by making them nervous while behind the wheel? oh…wait…maybe I should do my research/investigation.

  36. Greater Good says:

    Driver Ed. is a SAFETY COURSE. Not a Road Test preparation course. To get your drivers license , before you turn 18, you must complete 30 hours of [HELL] classroom, 12 hours of driving [FUN], 6 hours of observation [Boring]. 1 final exam & a parents class 2hrs lonnngggg. The parents try to get excused from this one.The parents are required to drive with their kids for 40 additional hours. By LAW. But to truly get your kid ready, you should give them 90 to 100 hours of driving and your knowledge. In California it’s 100 hrs required by law . With a twist. Before the change in the driver ed. law, the kids did 6 hrs driving, 6 hrs OBS, 30 hrs of hell. THE KIDS WERE BETTER PREPARED before they got into the car, with the previous format. The penalties for speeding were lighter. 2nd offence loss of license There was no penalty for buds on board. A prime reason why so many kids died behind the wheel, speeding and distractions. 6000 kids die yearly behind the wheel… PARENTS!!! Remember when you went to driving school ? It wasn’t a breeze. There are NO naturals out there. Being a Professional Driving Instructor is not an easy job. It is extremely STRESSFUL. We are worried about the kids, the other roadway users, the condition of the roadway, and our tires, and our own lives. We want the best for all involved.The parents today expect that the instructor will do ALL the work of teaching their children to drive a 4 or 5000 pound projectile. It’s not our job to do ALL the work .We only have 42 hours You have them FOR LIFE. It’s up to you, to give them that life, and beyond.

  37. Concerned Mom says:

    I cant understand how any of you people can justify her behavior with she is a good teacher . This women is teaching our children about sex,drugs and drinking. As a parent I believe that theses subjects are my job.NOT HERS. I mean listen to yourselfs Oh yes she does talk about her persoal to much but hey its ok cause shes cheap and gets the job done. Is it really ok that we stand for stuff like this just to save a couple hundred dollars? NO. People Please think about what you are saying here This is not ok I do understand that driving does also comes along with other things, but as I stated before its my job as a parent not anyone elses. And the fact that she had a cigarette when a student driver was about to get in and drive. What gives you the right to damage that childs lungs? OH the $550 her parents gave you? No. If you want to damage your health and your familys that fine. I will not allow you to do it to mine. I will not be sending my kid there. And good luck to any who does.

  38. Nikki says:

    One of my family members was a recent student at Becky’s. During the course Becky had lots of inapproprite things to say simioar to those mentioned in this segment. She also told the students that if any of them ever harmed any of her family that her husband would kill them. She said that he had been violent in the past and reminded them that she had their addresses. Maybe that is why this family chose to remain anonymous. I was reluctant to file a complaint. Kudos to this family for doing so.

  39. K says:

    OMG! Surely you jest. If Becky said anything like that, I’m sure she was joking to lighten the mood. Some people are just so dumb, they take things literally and out of context.
    Becky is one the nicest people I know…. and she would do anything to help someone out….and she certainly is not, or ever has been a violent person. I should know… I’ve known Becky over 30 yrs.

  40. Felicia says:

    What is wrong with you people? Leave her family out of this. I have known Becky for many years and like ALL of us, are willing to do anything to protect our children. I’m sure many of you have said the same thing. Do you mean it? Stop taking everything and distorting the truth for your own hurtful purposes. We need to stop taking everything out of context.

    The issue is the school. We, the people, do not condone any ones behavior. Not even yours.

    People are not perfect. Many of the people I see writing on this page have huge skeletons in their closets. Should that be used to disprove your allegations? Maybe it should! It would certainly disprove most of your allegations.

    Get the facts! It’s about the school, not her family.

    It’s all he said she said. Hearsay.

  41. Jess says:

    You say leave her family out of it but she is the one who puts her family in it, by saying her husband will come after you. Who says that? And yes she has said It I was in class when she did. The fact of the story is the way she acts in the class room along with what she is saying to her students and she is involving her own family into it. Hearsay is not he said she said hearsay is involing a third party and there is no third party it is people that have been in the class room and they heard it with their own ears. If you have had becky for a teacher you know she has no classroom etiguette. I do not want to ruffle anyones feathers but I am just putting it out there how it is. . She also picks and chooses which students she really what to take effort in teaching, when getting in the car she will ask you if you mind if she smokes and if you say yes she tells you oh well too bad. I am not a smoker and neither was my mom and dad and to smoke with me in a car is just disrepectful I like my lungs and want to keep them fresh and health. She needs to act in a better manner and treat people with alittle respect.

  42. BeckyIsCooliTeamisNot says:

    Becky used to work for another company when I had her as an instructor; I believe it was called Laportes. Everyone loved Becky and requested BECKY so she figured she would start her own company. Remember that… people wanted BECKY to teach them. I think this story is a ploy/conspiracy from her competitors because they are lacking sufficient business due to the high demand for Becky. Does anyone else feel like the other driving company paid WBZ to air this to hurt Becky’s company since ALL of the kids in Worcester choose her class? As soon as I saw the “ALTERNATIVE” driving class pop in I knew this was all bogus and just a ploy/scam.

    Imagine owning a Pizza restaurant, a customer doesn’t like your pizza, so they hire I-team to investigate and report on the news. That is the same exact thing as what happened here.

    How can WBZ get away with this? Pathetic. I’m not sure if it is possible, but I am going to request that Charter delete WBZ’s feed to my home.

  43. d.smith says:

    First off, the whole percentage of failure is a lie. Any one can go onto the registry website and see all the figures of every driving school and see the FACTS!!!!! I also believe that another driving school is involved in this. Money changes people. If you have a buisness and are not doing too well, and have tried everything to get the “scoop” of what becky does to remain sucessfull, and have gotten anywhere??? Now since nothing has worked, lets try to do it on tv!!! Obviously i-team jumped on the opportunity to do so. I just wish that the LOCAL NEWS STATED FACTS!!!!! I now have no faith in news after this situation. The truth was so far stretched it is unrealistic!!!!! I am glad that the people that know her, actually stood up and voiced their opinion. I have a question….. How many people learn from their mistakes???? Becky talks about mistakes that she has made in life and the consequences she has faced due to irresponsibility. Trying to reach out to students and connect with them. Her main slogan is “learn how to drive and stay alive.” That is exactly what her main goal is. She strives above and beyond to make sure the youth understands what irresponsible actions will get you in life. So please people that know nothing about this situation and are only going by what the i-team states…… find the facts before voicing your opinion when you know nothing about it. Be safe.

    P.S. cathy curran- nice blind spot check when pulling away from the side of the road into traffic. Maybe you should take a few lessons yourself. Where did you get your license?????

  44. Lynn says:

    How is there any connection between same sex couples, abortion and wearing a seat belt? Becky, I’ve never met someone as ignorant as you.

  45. Beckys Awesome says:

    I just graduated from Beckys drivers ed class and let me tell you it was one of the best classroom experiences of my life. I loved the way Becky taught and the reason her test results are “low” is that Becky MAKES THE TEST HARD so you need to think and God forbid use your brain. Most Parents who complain about Beckys go off initial impressions and its probably because their kid needs to grow up and relax. Becky talks about her personal life to serve as a warning on what not to do. Just because she doesn’t talk in a monotone voice and read out of a book all day doesn’t mean shes a bad teacher.

  46. Vic says:

    If you stumble onto a post with loads of helpful tips it is a privilage to be able to compliment the writer. I have learnt some valuable data from your postings. Keep writing. Regards

  47. Talli says:

    Becky’s Driving School was investigated and is now closed. Coincidence?

  48. Becky's Driving School says:

    Becky’s Driving School is not closed! We are open and still teaching people how to drive safely. If you don’t believe me, call the office (508-852-3999) Monday-Friday 8-12 to schedule an appointment.

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