The opening of the Bike Share program is scheduled for this summer. Ultimately the plan may provide 5000 bikes available for rent.

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  1. Jacquelineditor says:

    I think this is an insane idea. Boston is a dangerous city for bikers and car drivers alike. Even the bike lanes already marked do not help maintain safety in traffic for anyone. The Mayor should be forced to bicycle around Boston himself for three months–not summer, when the students are gone, but in the fall–so as to learn a much-needed lesson.

  2. Robert says:

    I live in the city, and use my bike daily to get around. It sure is hard some days when taxi’s and valet drivers drive to fast (Tremont st) I was hit by a taxi once as i crossing the street with my bike in my hands not riding it. The taxi hit my back wheel pushed me out of the way and kept going, I was not able to get his taxi number. So to all you bikers go slow watch out for people opening car doors,crazy Taxi drivers and valet drivers to go to fast Best of luck Mr. Mayor I think your Idea is great just pre-warn bikers of what is out there.

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