BRIGHTON (CBS) – Students and staff in the building that houses the Boston Community Leadership Academy and Another Course to College were evacuated briefly Thursday morning, after someone sprayed pepper spray in an empty hallway.

Thirty-three students were treated by emergency workers and were taken to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital as a precaution. By the afternoon, the vast majority of the students had been released from the hospital, with the rest expected to be released later in the day, school officials said.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

They were suffering from eye and skin irritation and respiratory problems.  However, none of the injuries were considered serious.

It’s not clear yet who had the pepper spray or why it was used, but officials said they think they know which students were behind the incident.  Investigators said spray was in a five-ounce canister.

“There was a small canister. We don’t know who did it. The school police came on scene and took command of the canister and they held it and they showed it to us. It was probably five ounces. It was all released and that was it,” said Dist. Chief Paul Burke of the Boston Fire Department.

Officials said the Boston Fire Department as well as the Boston Public Schools facilities department conducted air quality tests in the school and determined it was safe to reenter, however both schools were released at 1 p.m. to give custodial crews additional time to air out the building.

According to Boston Public Schools spokesman Matt Wilder, both schools will reopen on a normal schedule on Friday.

Wilder added that the Boston Community Leadership Academy, which is a high school, was once the William Howard Taft Middle School.

Comments (22)
  1. Patrick says:

    Charlotte i hope you dont think your a better person then those kids since you want kids to get sick & rot in hell. so you never did anything stupid as a kid your a kid your supposed to do stupid things & then learn from your mistakes i think maybe you should see someone about your issues

    1. charlotte says:

      I AM a better person than these self-serving, disrespectful brats. These kids are not taught discipline, respect and parents, probably like yourself, coddle these brats…using every excuse in the book (add, adhd). These kids are what is bringing America a bad name and they are also bringing us DOWN. Wake up parents and learn how to parent your child…These “kids” have no remorse and dont learn from their mistakes…Do you know why? Cause i have witnessed it firsthand…I would like to know what YOU are teaching YOUR children!? And you wonder why I have “issues”? The only issues I have are with your kids who behave so badly that even the cops dont want to deal with it.

  2. Giovanni says:

    I hate to say I agree with Charlotte, I live in Brighton and this school and Brighton High School are full of punks. I seen some of these imbeciles stop cars for the hell of it

    1. Angelica says:

      as regarding this comment read the one i sent to Charlotte

  3. Michelle says:

    Do you people realize that there are THREE high schools right there??? How are you to know which school the kids come from and to say you hope they all get sick and rot in hell is rude and obnoxious. I’m a parent of one of those students that was taken to the hospital and to have someone say that is unbelievable to me. Not all kids are bad. Are you saying you were angels as a child youselves?

    1. charlotte says:

      Yes i was an angel. If i wasnt then my parents would have whooped my ass. I was taught RESPECT which is something you parents are NOT teaching these days.

      1. Michelle says:

        Doubt it! I teach my children respect yet you’re classifying my son as one of the students you want to get sick and rot in hell. You’re a rude person. There are bad kids in EVERY school so should every child get sick and rot in hell? I am not saying the child responsible should not be punished by any means, as it stands my son was just released from the hospital yet rude people like you don’t care and are happy he’s sick.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I’m another that lives in Brighton and agrees with Charlotte and Giovanni. They’ve had problems before with these kids, both there and Brighton High. There are likely some good kids there, but the punks are the idiots that give the schools the rep. I used to drive by in the morning when a bus would pull up to the school and let the kids off. Wow, I have never seen kids with such… an attitude! I drive another way now, especially when one kid pushed another into the street. Was it a joke? I don’t know.

  5. burwick says:

    The bigger issue is punishment . no one is held accountable for there actions anymore, we have ready made excuses for our kids bad actions. as well as our own, they have adt, ddt, qrstuv. don’t punish me or my kid.

    1. charlotte says:

      Exactly! Well said.

  6. realsupergirl says:

    Yo, the incident actually happened at Another Course to College, which shares a building with BCLA, and is also a high school. They were also evacuated and all the affected students came from ACC.

    1. Suzanne says:

      Ah, that makes more sense to me. Those with the bad attitude are more likely in ACC than any of the students in the Leadership program. Some of the ACC ones need leadership.

    2. Michelle says:

      Not ALL the kids were from there as my child is a BCLA student but majority of them were from ACC.

  7. Ashley says:

    Okay first of all, all u damn people that saying us kids are bad and need to be descpline needs to shut up. I am one of thoes “lost cause” at BCLA and I am far from a lost cause because I am smart. Just because one person want to go and act stupid it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are the same. Stop making accusations that you don’t know about us students because you don’t know half the story and this is from a BCLA kid who is anything but a bad student.

  8. Martini Romulus says:

    I would like to comment on everyone claiming that these kids aren’t disciplined and that they are bad kids. I am a product of BCLA and I can say that school is very good at disciplining their students, and making sure that they go off to college. Yes a couple of kids may fall through the cracks but I find it hard to believe that none of you so called “Angels” had 100% good peers in your high school. So please spare the bs. Cause the only reason a lot of you guys are saying all of this is because you people are racist. Yes I just played the race card because clearly that is what you guys are. And just to let you know because of BCLA I will be graduating college with my B.A.

    1. Ms. P says:

      I love you, Martine! And I am so proud of you!

  9. Kimberly Vega says:

    you people need to stop saying that us BCLA ACC Brighton kids are punks, ignorant and disrespectful, you people dont even know us. we are some smart kids and we have alot of respect so i dont know what you are saying. and to all of you saying that we get sick and rot in hell i hope u get sick. Im one of those smart kids that goes to BCLA and all of my friends were there at this moment, you people especially that Charlotte person rlly need to shut up because you dont know us and our situations so u cant say anything about us. our parents have raised us right u just see the wrong that we do not the good. I Hope u get sick.

  10. Maria Alejandra Restrepo says:

    because of stupid ignorant people that assume things like some of you people especially (charlotte) is why society is how it is you probably are racist and decide to pick on minorities. Some of us students that actually go to these schools are very smart and respectful so please stop with your ignorant remarks. You think your so much better than us ? no your not you were not there to witness what happen and you clearly are just basing your comments on assumptions not all students are punks and maybe if they are you clearly deserve it ! Wishing other people to rot in hell you think thats makes you look good/ maybe you guys are the punks and actually we are not what gives America a bad name little minded ignorant people like you are ! if your so much better than us self serving brats why are you stoping down to such a level as to insult us? do us all a favor keep you stupidness to yourself

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dude, this Charlotte person Sucks..How can you speak like that about children? And its like some of these other people said, you aren’t perfect now and you weren’t as a kid, nobody is, so get off your high horse

  12. Jose Belliard says:

    Not everyone is perfect, yet some people judge others when they do not take the time to look at themselves. What person did not have some kind of misbehaving when they were young? This is going to everyone here who declared him or herself as an angel while they were growing up. There is not a single human that does not commit any act of foolishness or did not do something immature throughout their lives. I have learned from my elders that in order to learn and grow, mistakes is something that every person commits. Some say that it is young people are the ones who are bringing down America’s society and everyone else. Well, I strongly disagree with that. While some may say that the youth in America is furthering everyone into decay, I believe that is the attitude of these people and the things that they say and do that is bringing everyone down. As a young person , and as a student, I can tell the world that what I see everyday at my school (BCLA) is the opposite of what people are saying. Yes, I grant that some of the students are hard-headed, disrespectful, and immature, but using over generalizations does not take us further either. Instead of looking at the negative side, I can tell you what do I see everyday at my school: I see an active, conscious, and thoughtful student body capable of doing anything they propose for the future. I think it is not the attitudes of the young people of the ones who are wrong, but the ignorance and lack of faith from the ones who should believe in us is the thing that is holding back our society from advance.

  13. J C says:

    You cretins will try and pervert common American knowledge that Bostonians are stupid drunk inbred Irish losers

  14. Michael Caouette says:

    I live in Conn. now because the Irish are so DISGUSTING, kudos to J C for calling it like it is!

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