The way things have been going lately, if it wasn’t for “bad” luck…….the Grand Ole Party wouldn’t have “any” luck at all.  But let me say right up front……”GOP….calm down….it’s early…relax.  Sooner of later someone is going to step forward, take over the front-runner status and go for it.”    I understand, the Republican party, like the majority of Americans is trying to make sure there’s someone out there who can make certain that Barack is a one-termer and we end up with a credible adult with plenty of credentials in the White House.   So far however, the potential front-runners are either a joke, i.e. “the Donald” or they’re still in hiding.   When the party decided the parade the first list of possibles in that boring debate in South Carolina, not only was it lacking any strong leader, the timing couldn’t have been worse.    Even “the Donald” didn’t show up….probably having a bad hair day….and Barack Obama was basking in the glory of one of the first things he’s done right since taking office…….i.e. taking out UBL.

     Now I ask you GOP….when your party puts five potential nominees on the stage for a TV debate and all five of them couldn’t muster even a glimmer of hope, and the people back home are chomping at the bit to hear that Newt is going to jump in via “Facebook” no less, I ask you again…….”how grand is it?”   Don’t get me wrong……I like Newt Gingrich, he’s forgotten more about how this country works than the other five would know combined, but the Newt has more baggage than Rudolph Giuliani and he’s a long-shot at best to ever win the nomination.   Trump…you were an idiot when you topped one poll a couple of weeks ago.   Your rankings are now dropping lower than whale dung and you’re still an idiot.   Ron Paul.   Hey Ron…..didn’t you learn anything from last time around?  You are at times entertaining, but still a perennial loser.   Rick Santorum.  Another angry man who scares a lot of people.  Herman Cain.  Nice guy who says a lot of the right things….but should stick to making pizza.  Gary Johnson.  Give me a freekin’ break.  Tim Pawlenty…long shot maybe.

     OK kids……..come on in….the water’s fine?   Newt?   Mitt?   Huck?   Sarah?   Krauthammer? :-)

Comments (2)
  1. Richard Perez says:

    Why do you not mention Chris Christie, a man who will no doubt be drafted to run in 2012?? And what about Nitt RomneyCare? Will he succeed in redefining his own health care plan so that we all will accept it? And finally, forget the women, since the Constitution says only a MAN can be President.

  2. roudydowdy says:

    I’m not a republican but I sure could vote for Robert Gates for president.

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