Lost In The Flood?

By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

 I’m confused as to why President Obama has not been able to stop the Mississippi River from flooding.   If I recall, the Liberal Democrats that dominate the new media blamed President George W. Bush for not being able to stop the flooding of New Orleans.  How about some fair and balanced reporting? Why don’t you folks in the media report on this terrible lack of leadership by the current President?  I bet you don’t have the guts to ask the tough questions. – John, Wilmington

Hmmm.  John believes there’s a double standard.

I don’t recall Pres. Bush being criticized for not being able to stop the flooding of New Orleans, but rather not being able to marshal federal emergency resources to respond to the flooding of New Orleans (and elsewhere).

Be that as it may…do you think the media treats Obama differently than Bush?  In what ways?

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