By Kara Matuszewski,

BOSTON (CBS) — It used to be that we would take out a pen and paper and handwrite a note when needed. Now in business communication it’s more common to receive an email or even a text. But is that acceptable?

“Handwritten notes are old fashioned, and that’s unfortunate,” said Cait Downey, of HubSpot. “That’s the form of communication that makes the most lasting impression.”

While Downey says most people won’t remember receiving an email or tweet, they will remember handwritten notes.

She says this is especially pertinent after a job interview. She says it’s appropriate to handwrite a thank you card to the person conducting the interview, again citing that this leaves an impression.

Rich Brooks, president of flyte new media, says email is great for quick messages and documenting something, but sometimes a phone call is what’s necessary. He says this is especially the case when tact, nuance or humility are needed.

Brooks says he will often follow that phone call up with an email in order to document it.

When sending those emails Brooks says the protocol depends on the vibe of the business. He says sometimes he’ll use an emoticon — :-) or ;-) – to let the recipient know what was said was said in jest. However, he says that may not be appropriate for all workplaces or not with a supervisor; so take that into consideration.

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  1. I suppose business is email. I would think telephone would be more desirable with family member. I don’t get texting at all. I have 6×8 stationary for one or two paragraphs because I think you send a part of you that way with writing esp for thank yous.

  2. Name says:

    I appreciate the use of the Mac stock photo here…

  3. emom says:

    Texting is great to contact folks when they live far away and you want to see how they are.. I do it all the time with family out west . Texting is also great for short messages to alert them you are on your way are near… Have arrive on your trip… And to let someone know you are heading home so you can chat on the phone or by skype…. As for emails at work keep them simply,, try not to express emotions, as no matter how you try to convey them the other person interprets them differently… same with a text or like here posting a message on a blog,, Folks interpret things differently… All are good its just how you use them….Phone, text, face book, skype , letter, emails,, they all do the same its all in how it is used…

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